nps surveys

Measure user satisfaction without hassle

Display NPS surveys and collect actionable feedback on your product to see how satisfied your users are.

nps surveys tools,
in-app survey
nps surveys tools, 
in app survey

Measure Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth with NPS

Build customized NPS surveys that are displayed whenever you want them to. Then, view results real-time in your dashboard or get notifications on Slack as customers submit surveys.

See timely results and segment your data easily

See all NPS data real-time on the analytics page, or dig through each response and analyze user behavior with the user-specific activity feed. Create multiple segments quickly once and easily download your data.

nps surveys tools, in app survey

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How TimeSolv increased survey completion by 10% with UserGuiding’s in-app survey elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NPS survey?

An NPS survey, or Net Promoter Score survey, is a survey where your users rate you through 0-10. The average outcome of this survey provides you with your NPS Score.

Why do you need an NPS survey?

While other survey methods help you gather feedback, the NPS survey gives you a direct satisfaction rate. If you have more detractors than promoters (based on the outcome of your survey), then you can start improving the user experience.

How do I create my own NPS survey?

There are various software for creating different types of surveys that can be displayed in your app. For example, UserGuiding can help you display NPS, thumbs up-down, open ended question, multiple selection, and many more survey types.

Can I create segments based on in-app survey or NPS answers?

Yes, you can use UserGuiding’s Segmentation feature to create custom segments for users who submitted different scores to your NPS and other surveys, and target these users with personalized in-app content.