NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Score(NPS) surveys help you find out if your customers are willing to recommend your product to other people. NPS surveys are the best way to measure the success of your product. UserGuiding offers an NPS survey tool for you to easily create and conduct NPS surveys.

How can you use UserGuiding as an NPS Survey tool?

With UserGuiding, you can create an NPS survey and make it live, in less than five minutes. Creating the survey and implementing it into your product doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge.

The default question for an NPS Survey is “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our product to your friends and colleagues?”. In our editor, you can customize this question however you want. Our tool also allows you to create a follow-up question, which you can gather valuable feedback and insight on the score your users have given your product.

You can also customize when your users are going to go through this event in UserGuiding’s segmentation tool. This way, you can ensure that your users had enough time to evaluate your product and made their thoughts about it clear. After the surveys, UserGuiding’s analytics tool will help you calculate your NPS and how it is changing with time.

Why should you have an NPS Survey tool?

NPS surveys are conducted by thousands of companies worldwide. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix are the leader of their industries in NPS ranking too. That means they have left their customers satisfied with the experience they have provided, more than their competing companies.

In order to be as successful as these giant companies, you have to improve your user experience. But it is impossible to improve something that doesn’t have a direct metric for calculating. The closest thing to a direct metric is the Net Promoter Score since customers that are willing to recommend your product to another user are highly like to be enjoying your product.

You should start conducting NPS surveys and use the results to improve your products and services as soon as possible if you wish your company to be a company everyone has heard of.

Which companies trust UserGuiding as an NPS Survey tool?

Since the first release of our NPS feature, more and more of our users use UserGuiding to create and conduct NPS surveys. Companies that experience an improvement in their NPS also see that their churn rates are dropping significantly.

To measure the satisfaction of the customers, team Juphy wanted to conduct an NPS survey. But creating and maintaining one was a job that required a lot of effort. After some research, they saw that they could easily create, conduct, segment, and maintain NPS surveys without any extra work and started trying UserGuiding to create NPS surveys and more. Following months of research, feedback gathering and optimizing, Juphy has decreased its churn rates by 20%.

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