UserGuiding Wrapped 2023: A Year of Engaging Journeys and Exciting Experiences

It’s that time of the year!

2023 was a crazy year for UserGuiding, bustling with hustling, updates, engagement, fun, and lots of great experiences… Shoutout to our new users who’ve joined the gang and existing users who’ve been with us for years!

Now is the time to take a look back and celebrate the highlights of the year 🌟

Let’s roll back and unwrap!

UserGuiding by the Numbers: Our 2023 Stats

2023 was the year of big numbers here at UserGuiding. Here’s a glimpse:

👉 In 2023, 6,294,379,855 total events took place using UserGuiding.

👉 29,885,781 guides were played while 22,038,671 of these were completed.

👉 Checklist widgets created using UserGuiding were viewed 181,696,652 times.

Now, with 890 subscribers all around the world from 80+ countries, these stats were not a big hard task, and better yet, we launched some new features and functionalities this year ⬇️

Feature Hits: Top New Features of the Year

In 2023, we introduced new features, integrations, capabilities, and accessibility options. Here’s a brief summary:


With the intent of making user onboarding more available for everyone, we introduced Localization as we closed the first quarter of 2023.

Read more here 👈


Surveys has been one of the most important turning points for us this year. Adding different ready-to-use survey templates, customization options, and conditional logic to our existing NPS survey feature, UserGuiding has become a Survey hub as well.

Read more here 👈

User Details Page & Activity Feed

And lastly, our third biggest new feature of the year, we introduced the user details page and activity feed where users can take a look into the details of their end users for more informed decision-making.

new feature from userguiding - user details page and activity feed

What else?

Features make a product, but its the little details that make it usable. In 2023, we…

👉 Introduced our Amplitude integration and Segment integration,

👉 Enhanced our Mixpanel integration,

👉 Made accessibility changes for a better UserGuiding experience,

👉 Added SSO (single sign-on) and 2-factor authentication to UserGuiding sign-in

While UserGuiding was growing as a platform, our founder team was on a mission to take the UserGuiding brand high up… Let’s take a look at…

Our 2023 Playlist: Key Milestones and Updates

UserGuiding followers had lots to catch up on in 2023 with our team going all over the globe and attending the top events all around the globe…

Our entire founder team, with Osman, Mert, Muhammet, and Alican, flew through Europe, attending SaaStr Europa and London Tech Week ⬇️

Then the team made it back to Istanbul, and Alican delivered a killer speech at SaaStanbul 2023.

Moving back to Europe, the UserGuiding team made it to SaaStock 2023 in Dublin, and our speaker-in-charge Alican was the keynote speaker while in Lisbon, Osman and Mert were attending the Web Summit. Read more here 👈

saastock dublin 2023 mert alican bektas

Returning to Istanbul again, Alican and Mert took over SaaStock Local Istanbul with their speeches.

While all that was going on, our very own Regis Zangirolami attended Onboarding Summit Brazil, which was an online event that reached thousands of views live. Read more here 👈

Closing the year, Osman also moderated ProductLed’s event on Net-Dollar Retention with veteran founders Guy Nirpaz and Mark Organ.

While we were going all around the world, our brand was going up on the G2 grids:

🌸 In G2 Spring, we gained 8 badges,

☀️ In G2 Summer, we gained 7 badges,

🍁 In G2 Fall, we gained 12 badges, 8 of which we ranked as leader

❄️ In G2 Winter, we gained 10 badges, and once again, 8 of which we ranked as leader

Now, as a marketer, I don’t wanna disregard one of our biggest endeavors in 2023. Let’s take a look at have we fared on the UserGuiding blog ⬇️

Blog Bangers: Top Articles That Rocked Our World

In 2023, we published 1000+ blog posts across 4 different languages on the UserGuiding blog – shoutout to the marketing team!

Here is a quick look at our best content in 2023:

1- How Fast-Growing SaaS Companies (100+) Onboard Their Users

How Fast-Growing SaaS Companies (100+) Onboard Their Users

One of the highlights of the UserGuiding blog for 2023 was definitely our SaaS companies research, where we revealed how some of our favorite companies handle user onboarding.

Take it from me, it’s packed with pleasant and shocking surprises, so if you’d like to take a look…

Here’s the article 👈

2- 12 Examples of the Best User Onboarding Experiences

best user onboarding examples 2024

This one’s by yours truly and it delves into some of the very best instances of user onboarding from Duolingo to HubSpot, basically some of the best apps and SaaS products on the market.

You might also find an answer to “What makes a user onboarding flow good?” so if you’re interested…

Here’s the article 👈

3- 15 Fundamental Startup Marketing Strategies + Examples and Ideas

15 fundamental startup marketing strategies, examples, and ideas

This one was my personal favorite in 2023, and it just might be yours too.

Written by our very own Hilal Çökeli, the article goes over all the startup marketing best practices you might need with a ton of examples to make it clear.

I say give it a read. Here it is 👈

4- Advanced Guide to In-App Tutorials – getting in-app training done right

Guía Avanzada de Tutoriales In-App

Written by yours truly, this piece gives you all there is to know about a good in-app tutorial – and how you can start out with your own tutorial with the right tools and strategies.

To make understanding even easier, I made sure to put lots of examples and best practices inside, so check it out before the year is out!

Here’s the article 👈

5- 9 Examples of Good UX Design Every Designer Should See

Once again, another favorite of mine is, of course about good UX design, and it is a mandatory read for any designer out there learning UX.

There are a bunch of good examples from Spotify, Airbnb, and Grammarly, and if you wanna know more…

Here’s the article 👈

6- A Guide to “Aha!” Moment – How to find it, Definition, Examples

A Guide to “Aha!” Moment

Here’s the one that got everyone going “aha!”

Our advanced guide to aha moments was among the most engaged posts of 2023, and it is for a good reason since the article is 18 minutes of pure value 🤯

Check it out here 👈

So that was the blog end, but what about how we fared on social media? Let’s unwrap that ⬇️

Social Media Superstars: Viral Posts and Trends

🚨 In 2023, UserGuiding engaged over 10 million people across our social media platforms, and boy, are we buzzing with excitement!

Here’s a look at the highlights of this year:

When someone’s constantly posting on social media, I always wonder how they are like in real life. But believe me, the UserGuiding team wasn’t too different.

Let’s take a look at…

Your Favorites on Tour: 2023 for the UserGuiding Team

The UserGuiding team worked hard and played hard this year 🎉 😎

With most of the team living in an earthquake zone, we decided to take on a 16-hour official first-aid training and held a disaster supplies kit workshop at the start of the year. After all, you gotta be safe first to keep improving the all-in-one product adoption platform!

Then, in the summer, we went on our annual company retreat to Muğla, Fethiye in Istanbul to free our minds to come back better than ever 💪

Nearing the end of 2023, we held our annual New Year dinner with the UserGuiding family last week 🥘

And our last 2023 move was, as part of our tradition, to donate trees in the name of our team members, customers, investors, and partners. And I am proud to say that we finally reached 10,000 trees in 2023 ❤️

So then, what’s next for UserGuiding in 2024?

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Features on the Next Album

In 2024, we’ve got much prepared for our existing customers and others who’ll join us along the way.

You heard it here first: there just might be more than a resource center coming along nicely this year; keep an eye out 😉

But more importantly…

Final Track: Thank You 💌

Here’s a thank you to everyone who’s joined, supported, worked hard for, and been a part of the journey with UserGuiding.

You are one of the many pillars that hold us high, and we appreciate it ❤️

Here’s to an even better year!

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