UserGuiding Just Leveled Up Your Feedback & Data Collection – Surveys Feature Launch

The concept of a survey is pretty straightforward. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to learn what your users think while also making them feel heard.

But a bad survey can have a drastic effect.

While it is already pretty difficult to make a survey bad nowadays, thanks to all the information on the web, UserGuiding doesn’t leave you any chances…

It took me only 10 minutes to publish my first survey.

… but to make only the best surveys and gather data within your app, without any integrations or data loss.

So, let me introduce you to UserGuiding’s latest feature: Surveys!

Collect Spot-On Feedback On The Right Spot

With UserGuiding, you were able to collect NPS data and written feedback. But now, you can do much more than ask your users to “rate you out of ten”.

1- Multiple kinds of question types, all within one survey

From keeping it simple to turning anything into a quiz, you can ask all kinds of questions and gather the best data for each purpose.

Create your own survey, or save time with the templates!

Do you need a basic yes or no? Create a thumbs-up-down survey.

Do you need them to rate you (but not out of ten)? Add a star-scale question.

Would you like to ask for something in your own words? Create a multiple-choice question.

You can bring all those questions together to create one ultimate survey, or you can separate them and create 3 different surveys. You could even target all three for different audiences, who knows?

2- Easy and intuitive customization options

What do you use to create surveys in your app right now?

It is either another 3rd party app, and you face data loss from all those integrations every day, or you built them in-house and spend way too much time maintaining it.

UserGuiding brings all the best parts of both those worlds together:

  • You can create surveys easily and without concern for maintenance,
  • And you can keep all your data within the same app and save development time.
I guess I can call myself a survey tailor now thanks to UserGuiding

Customize your survey, tailor it to look like it was built in-house, and don’t let the user engagement chain break at any point of their journey!

3- Exact settings for all your needs

I know that you need in-depth targeting and appearance frequency settings. And you know that UserGuiding never lets down in that aspect.

I wish all tools had settings this simple

With the new surveys feature, you don’t have to worry about bugging a user too much. You can keep showing them a survey until they decide to answer it, and keep them from forgetting.

You can also show your surveys within the resource center, or trigger it with a hotspot or tooltip so that your users have autonomy over the pace of their flow.

How Does The New Surveys Feature Work?

The concept of in-app surveys is pretty straightforward:

  1. First, you select which question type you want to start with.
  2. Then, you can add more questions, edit the question content, and start customizing your survey.
  3. After you changed the colors, fonts, placement, and sizing to fit your brand as it was built in-house, you can start editing the settings.
  4. After finishing up the settings, all that’s left to do is wait for responses. Once you get enough responses, you will see the stats right on the surveys dashboard.
  5. If the dashboard isn’t giving you the exact information you were looking for, then you can click on a specific user. UserGuiding will redirect you to the user details page, where you can dig deep into the reasons why that person answered the way they did.

So. Will you be trying out our newest feature and increase your satisfaction rate even higher?

UserGuiding also offers free migration services for your in-app content created using other software to minimize your switching costs.

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Hilal Çökeli

Hilal Çökeli

I’m UserGuiding’s growth-obsessed product marketer. I like to research and write about product, onboarding, and inbound marketing. If you feel like we could exchange ideas, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email! P.S. If I don’t respond, please know that I’m on a road trip with my camera and motorbike.