6 Alternatives to Product Fruits that Get the Job Done

In this article, I will be talking about Product Fruits.

Not the grocery food kind of fresh fruit. The User Onboarding tool one.

It is a new tool in the market. Therefore, there is a lot to talk about, like:

  • What Product Fruits is, and what its strengths and weaknesses are,
  • The six best alternative tools for onboarding and our experience with them,
  • How they compare to Product Fruits,
  • Highlight reviews for each tool from platforms such as Capterra, G2, Product Hunt,
  • Suggest specific use cases for each alternative.

If you are familiar with the product already, you can skip directly to the alternatives.

So without further ado, let’s begin with:

What is Product Fruits?

Product Fruits is one of the newest players on the user adoption playground. It promises to help you create beautiful onboarding experiences to your onboarding users.

product fruits dashboard

If you have been researching customer experience and user adoption platforms, you probably know that each tool has something, a key feature, or a few that makes it stand out.

Not our new friend here, though.

Product Fruits is the average at anything and everything, including features, pricing, and support.

Onboarding with product fruits consists of six features, which are:

  • Product tours
  • Checklists
  • Hints (hotspots and tooltips)
  • In-app announcements
  • Feedback and NPS surveys,
  • A life ring button that works as a help center and live chat tool.

To some extent, you can customize the tool, and honestly, it is an inexpensive product for businesses with monthly users below 1,5k.

product fruits website

But can you tell me one tool that doesn’t already have all these features?

To top all that, the tool isn’t fully cooked yet and has so many disadvantages, and it makes me question if it’s going to be able to live in the market.

Let me get into a bit more detail:

Product Fruits Pricing

  • Core Plan: $59/month for up to 1500 MAU, $259/month for 10000 MAU
  • Boost Plan: $109/month for up to 1500 MAU, $379/month for 10000 MAU
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom quote for more than 50,000 MAU

Product Fruits Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

Easy to set a simple product onboarding tour Easy integration No-code tours & hints builder Amazing support & help with custom use cases Customizability

The setup for us has taken a while due to the information that needs to be sent to Productfruits via the integration available to make the guided tours work in the way we expected.

Why you need a Product Fruits Alternative

There might be several reasons you would look for an alternative to Product Fruits. Here is what caught my eye first:

1- Limited Amount Of Integrations

The tool has all the necessary integrations with analytics tools, but nothing other. You can’t import your resource center materials and you can’t connect your CRM if you aren’t using Hubspot.

product fruits integrations

2- Their own Product Tour is Lagging

While I was trying to get to know the tool, the website walkthrough kept me waiting all the time, which made it hard to follow and impossible to focus on.

3- Unfriendly UI

To start using the tool, you need to complete three different tours consisting of modals, which means that you are constantly reading rather than seeing it in action. A tool that promises to help onboard users and customers should be able to onboard its own clients, right?

product fruits onboarding

4- Still Improving

Reviewers on Capterra said that the tool constantly improves and updates almost every other week. But, unfortunately, this process of being like a beta-tester may cause more harm than good.

Top Product Fruits Alternatives

I guess I clarified why Product Fruits is not the one.

Here are the top 6 alternatives to Product Fruits:

  1. UserGuiding
  2. Helppier
  3. Userlane
  4. WalkMe
  5. Chameleon
  6. Shepherd.js

I’ll go over each tool, how they compare to Product Fruits, and which cases you should prefer them.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first product:

1- UserGuiding vs. Product Fruits

UserGuiding is a leading user experience and a no-code product adoption platform that fits all sizes of companies.

western union onboarding with UserGuiding
An Onboarding sequence for Western Union, created with UserGuiding

UserGuiding has everything that Product Fruits has, and more.

The tool is designed for non-technical people, making it incredibly easy to set up step-by-step product tours and run.

Also, if you have more than 1.5k users per month, UserGuiding is cheaper. 

To top it all, this tool has a solid background and five years of experience, along with more than hundreds of teams trusting the company.

So you can say that UserGuiding has the features, the experience, and reasonable prices.

ClickUp onboarding with UserGuiding
Here is a product tour for ClickUp created with UserGuiding

Here are the main features of UserGuiding:

  • Fully no-code tool,
  • Interactive product tours with lots of different templates,
  • Checklists and help centers
  • Functional customization tools
  • Hotspots and tooltips
  • In-App feature announcements
  • NPS surveys and user feedback collection
  • Advanced user behavior analytics and integrations with analytics tools
  • Resource centers or a searchable knowledge base
  • Easy customer segmentation and targeting.

UserGuiding Pricing

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $89/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $389/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides
  • Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies

UserGuiding Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“UserGuiding allowed us to design a beautiful product walkthrough within minutes, without a single line of code. Less support tickets, more free trial conversions, happy product managers.”

“The analytics part is probably enough for most teams. We needed a little more control over data, which led us to use another product for it.”

So Which One Is Better?

Starting Price$59/month – 1500 MAU$89/month – 2500 MAU
G2 RatingNo Current G2 Ratings4.7
Interactive Walkthroughs
Onboarding Checklists
Announcement Modals/Banners
NPS Surveys
In-Product Surveys
In-App Resource Center
Avg. Deployment Time2-3 Hours15 Minutes
User Segmentation
User Analytics
Multi-Language Support
User Tracking
Knowledge Base Integration
Learning Curve🙂 Smooth😄 Smoother

UserGuiding also offers free migration services for your in-app content created using other software to minimize your switching costs.

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UserGuiding starts from only $89/month.
Create tours, tooltips, and surveys without coding

New call-to-action

2- Helppier vs. Product Fruits

Helppier is an interactive website-walkthrough and onboarding platform with high customization options.

helppier dashboard

Helppier is really similar to Product Fruits. It has one single purpose: getting first-time users from point a to point b.

No checklists, no advanced analytics, no resource centers.

What makes this tool better than Product Fruits is that there is actually something that Helppier is better at than any other. Customization and templates.

They can come in handy if you are new to the user onboarding world.

Still, this is only if you are willing to pay for other tools for all the features that Helppier doesn’t have.

Helppier Pricing

  • Free Trial available for 14 days, no credit card information required.
  • Standard plan: $39/month for up to 1000 MAU$99/month for up to 10.000 MAUtwo months for free if paid annually.
  • Tailor-made plan: custom quote

Helppier Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“The customization is more advanced compared to similar applications. I’m a very happy to be a Helppier user. ”

“Very buggy. It crashes a lot. Requires more configuration than dropping their code because it’s slowing the site down.”

3- Userlane vs. Product Fruits

Userlane is an automatic training and onboarding software that records and converts your on-screen activities into a guide.

userlane dashboard

For this purpose alone, the program is fairly easy and effective, and the automated option is ideal for asynchronous training.

Userlane made it into our list with its simplicity and smoothness of usage. However, such a tool might be enough to train individuals but not for onboarding large numbers of users and employees.

The tool doesn’t have many customization options, but good in-depth analysis help.

Userlane Pricing

Userlane offers custom prices for each of their customers and says that “custom pricing is the best way to effectively serve such a diverse customer base.

Userlane Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“Userlane helped us to make user onboarding and education after updates very easy. Creating the experiences is very easy and intuitive.”

“Customer Service should stick more to individual needs of their customers and analytics should be more customizable”

4- WalkMe vs. Product Fruits

WalkMe is a Product Success software rather than an onboarding tool with many solutions.

walkme vs productfruits

WalkMe is a giant. And it is not a good choice for any company that is not an enterprise.

WalkMe is good, customizable, experienced, and effective. But it’s expensive.

Another downside of the tool is that you would have to pick the features you want to use, which is not convenient for new businesses with little to no experience.

Also, the tool is not non-technical people-friendly. You will need a whole team dedicated to implementing and maintaining the WalkMe features.

Still, if you can afford it, the tool won’t let you down.

WalkMe Pricing

WalkMe doesn’t provide customers with a fixed price. The customized prices are often a bit more than what their competitors offer.

WalkMe Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“The features are amazing and really helpful to users on your website once implemented”

“Sometimes things that were built will randomly stop working. This is typical with most software but can be annoying.”

5- Chameleon vs. Product Fruits

Chameleon, also known as TryChameleon, is a product success SaaS tool.

chameleon vs productfruits

Chameleon is probably one of the best tools for simple product tours with tailor-made customization options.

The tool has a department of designers that helps you build the product tours of your choosing. But as you might guess, those services are not for free.

Let alone being free, it’s not anywhere near to being simple. The tool claims to be a no-code tool, which is accurate only if you want to use the non-customized template.

Also, the tool itself is already not the most affordable, so your budget might have to expand a bit if you intend to benefit from their designs.

Chameleon Pricing

  • Free trial available for 14 days
  • Startup plan: $279/month for 2000 MAU, $753/month for 15.000 MAU, including three surveys, three launchers, and no A/B testing
  • Growth plan: $599/month for 2000 MAU, $999/month for 15.000 MAU, including unlimited experiences and A/B testing

TryChameleon Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“The customer service at Chameleon is fantastic. They always respond very quickly and are always very quick to figure out the issue and help me find a solution to my problem. ”

“I didn’t enjoy the steep learning curve. I thought the software wasn’t particularly intuitive, so it took a while to get my head around.”

6- Shepherd.js

Shepherd.js is an open-source library, helping developers build website walkthroughs easily.

shepherd vs product fruits

Shepherd.js is just like many other GitHub tools, an open-source database for tech-savvy people to benefit from.

The fact that it’s completely free of charge makes the tool a good choice, yet, you would have to invest in a developer instead of a tool to be able to use Shepherd.js.

In other words, Shepherd.js will cost you either time or another team member, it is not customizable at all, but gets the job done.

Shepherd.js Pricing

Shepherd.js is 100% free!


I believe people at Product Fruits really should learn more about Product-Market fit.


  • If you need a better customizable tool, go with Chameleon, Helppier or WalkMe
  • If you only need a product tour and a cheaper option, go with Userlane or Shepherd.js.
  • If you need all of the above, try UserGuiding for Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Product Fruits?

People looking to increase product adoption rates and a better user onboarding experience can use Product Fruits or one of its alternatives, such as UserGuiding.

How much does Product Fruits cost?

The price range of Product Fruits is between $59/month for up to 1.500 users and $459/month for up to 50.000 users. They also offer a custom plan for enterprises.

What are the top alternatives to Product Fruits?

The best alternatives to Product Fruits are UserGuiding, Helppier, Chameleon, WalkMe, and Shepherd.js.

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