Simpo is No More: here are 5 alternatives and competitors instead (Free & Paid)

Simpo is a capable user onboarding and training product used by some goliaths such as Walmart and

However, whether it be their pricing, lack of good support, or the buggy product, you might be looking for an alternative.

Or it might even be the fact that their services not being available after July 2021.

If so, you’re in the right place; in this article, I’ll go over 5 alternatives to Simpo, some of which are as much capable as Simpo and some of which are much more affordable (and maybe both).

Let’s start by taking a look at what Simpo does, and its problems:

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What is Simpo?

Simpo is a user onboarding and education product that can be used by sales, marketing, customer support, and customer service teams to offer users a self-serve experience.

simpo alternative
Simpo Dashboard

With Simpo, you can create in-app announcements, NPS and Feedback surveys, product walkthroughs, and knowledge base articles.

All of this can be highly valuable in improving the first time experience of your users and overall user engagement. Its medium-high range and capable features make it a preferable platform for medium to large-sized businesses and enterprises.

However, there are a various complaints by former users of the product, that made them switch to Simpo’s alternatives, which will dig into in a bit.

Simpo Pricing:

Simpo has 3 pricing levels:

  • They offer a 14-day free trial,
  • The Starter Package starts from $250/month, with no clear MAU limit,
  • The Pro Package is $250/month, again, with no clear MAU limit,
  • The Enterprise plan doesn’t have a set pricing, and you need to contact their sales dept. for pricing.

Simpo Reviews:

πŸ‘ Pros:

“The idea of Simpo is great. Integrating onboarding, knowledge base articles, checklists, etc. into one product was very appealing.”

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

“It doesn’t work. Simpo doesn’t support modern single-page applications. Their customer service is unresponsive and generally unknowledgeable about how their product works.

Why you need a Simpo Alternative

Simpo is great, but not perfect.

If you’re reading this article, you too have a problem with Simpo, its services, or its functionalities.

Let me list the most common problems users encounter with Simpo:

Higher Pricing for the Same Value

Compared to one of its closest competitors, UserGuiding, Simpo charges 2.5 times more for their starting plan.

This makes the product undesirable for small-medium businesses, who want to step into the user onboarding game with little steps.

simpo pricing
Simpo Pricing

Steep Learning Curve

Simpo, as the name would suggest, can be considered a simple product for some. But the reviews by many of its users hint otherwise.

You sure can find your way around Simpo, but you’ll first need to leap over a steep learning curve which will take you at least a few hours to overcome.

Poor Onboarding Experience

When I was using Simpo, the onboarding experience of their own product just felt incomplete.

There were a lot of features of Simpo that I wanted to explore right away, since I am a seasoned digital product user that doesn’t need much introduction.

However, I was needed to complete a few steps (which felt completely unnecessary) before I could even start creating a product walkthrough. You’d wish a product that defended simple onboarding processes would have a better onboarding experience.

Poor Customer Support

I didn’t have to contact the customer support (as much as I wanted to for their limiting onboarding), but there’s a pattern here.

Most users have had a rough experience with Simpo’s customer experience representatives.

simpo reviews
Review on Simpo’s customer support

Often Buggy and Non-intuitive

As I’ve said, you can’t get through the onboarding process by choice, you have to complete a few steps. And the remaining experience is pretty non-intuitive.

Also, users often have complained about the bugs in Simpo’s platform, which could adversely affect the experience of your end-users should it alter your educational material.

Top Alternatives to Simpo

  • UserGuiding
  • WalkMe
  • Intercom Product Tours
  • Intro.js
  • Shepherd

So, let’s start going over the top alternatives to Simpo 1-by-1, exploring each product, their use cases, strengths and weaknesses, as well as their pricings.

Starting with the closest competitor of Simpo:

#1 UserGuiding – All-in-one user onboarding

UserGuiding is an all-in-one no-code digital adoption platform, that you can use to easily create interactive user onboarding and education flows.

simpo vs userguiding
UserGuiding in action, on UserGuiding

With UserGuiding, you can:

  • Create interactive product tours and user guides,
  • Send in-app messages, publish tooltips and hotspots,
  • Conduct NPS surveys,
  • Create self-serve resource centers IN your product,
  • Analyze the performance of your content,
  • Segment and target custom user groups to maximize personalization.

With an unmatched support experience and a truly no-code product, UserGuiding offers a simple and capable solution that is much more affordable than SΔ°mpo and other paid competitors.

Best-for-price, indeed.

simpo alternative userguiding
UserGuiding’s Product Tours on YouTube

UserGuiding Pricing

UserGuiding has 3 pricing plans at the moment:

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $82/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $333/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides
  • Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies

UserGuiding Reviews:

πŸ‘ Pros:

“UserGuiding has great UX – very simple to use. Also, the team is supportive. They do their best to support us on our busy days, even on weekends.”

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

“It doesn’t allow some of the features of the more expensive products. However it absolutely delivers on what it promises.”

UserGuiding vs Simpo

userguiding logo
  • Capable user onboarding elements βœ…
  • In-app Resource Centers βœ…
  • Affordable for businesses of all sizes βœ…
  • Easy to learn and master βœ…
  • 15-minute setup βœ…
  • Responsive and attentive support βœ…
simpo logo
  • Capable user onboarding elements βœ…
  • In-app Resource Centers βœ…
  • Expensive starting price ❌
  • Steep learning curve ❌
  • Poor onboarding process ❌
  • Poor customer support experience ❌

Should you go with Simpo or UserGuiding? Try for yourself, or let us help you choose:

Join 2,000+ teams creating better experiences.

14-Day Free Trial, with an extra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

#2 WalkMe – Capable Platform for Employee and User Training

WalkMe is a employee and user digital adoption solution focused at large companies and enterprise businesses, with customers like Microsoft, Adobe, and PayPal.

walkme vs simpo
WalkMe Dashboard (IMG SRC)

WalkMe is one of the firsts to do it.

They offer strong analytics, capable user onboarding and orientation features with innovative features such as session playbacks and event tracking.

This much capability comes at a price -literally-, since they’re aimed at larger companies, their pricing becomes larger aswell.

Also, the product can be considered far from being a no-code tool, since it will require maybe even a group of developers to completely integrate WalkMe with your processes.

So I strongly advise businesses with low budget and even lower developer time to steer towards the other alternatives.

WalkMe Pricing:

WalkMe doesn’t have a set pricing at the moment and you’ll have to get a demo to learn about their offers.

However, WalkMe’s pricing allegedly starts from $9000/month and can go even higher, depending on your business.

WalkMe Reviews:

πŸ‘ Pros:

“Flexibility to create walk-throughs and customer facing assets to support new feature releases, share important communications and understand what features users are interacting with in our product.”

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

“Support team is extremely slow to respond with resolutions for critical bugs. When I try to contact my client success manager for help, I’m told that if she responds I’ll be billed for professional services hours. I often feel stuck and helpless when encountering major issues, such as session playbacks not being available, due to lack of response, support tickets being assigned and re-assigned from team to team.”

#3 Intercom – Customer Support and Basic User Onboarding

Everyone’s favorite customer service product, Intercom, now offers the Product Tours add-on that adds user onboarding to its use cases.

intercom vs simpo
Intercom’s Product Tours

You know Intercom, right?

It’s mainly portrayed as a customer support solution where we all get those soul-sucking tickets from, but there’s more to it now.

With Intercom’s newest add-on, Product Tours, you can create simple product tours -cue the name- to show users around your product.

The new feature is very easy to use, and the product tours created with it look and feel good overall.

In my opinion, though, it can’t really make Intercom a user onboarding solution. You see, user onboarding is not the same as user training, and you need more tools such as tooltips, hotspots, checklists, etc., to make it a complete user onboarding experience.

So Intercom’s Product Tours can be used if you don’t mind having a half-user onboarding process that’s unified with your customer service, but if you want the next level onboarding experience, choose another alternative.

Intercom Pricing

If you aim to use Intercom Product Tours add-on, you’ll need to also buy their core plans, which will end up making the pricing:

  • Start Plan: $59/month for Intercom subscription (1 seat) plus $199/month for Product Tours add-on = $258/month Total
  • Grow Plan: $119/month for Intercom subscription (5 seats) plus $199/month for Product Tours add-on = $318/month Total
  • Accelerate Plan: $499/month for Intercom subscription (10 seats) plus $199/month for Product Tours add-on = $698/month Total
  • Scale Plan:  $999/month for Intercom subscription (10 seats) plus $199/month for Product Tours add-on = $1118/month Total

Intercom Reviews

πŸ‘ Pros:

“Ease of use and the information available. No app can be better than Intercom to engage with your users. It gives you a complete dashboard to help you understand your user’s usage pattern and also helps in creating a very elaborate help center as well.”

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

“I feel like Intercom had a more significant learning curve for me when I was a new user. The quicker I can pick up and use the tool from all angles, the more I would use it!”

#4 Intro.js – Open-source & Low Cost Product Tours

Intro.js is one of the most popular open-source user onboarding solutions used by literally thousands of businesses all across the world.

intro.js vs simpo
How to Install Intro.js

The reason for this popularity: accessibility and capability.

Compared to other open-source libraries for product tours, Intro.js is easier to use for developers, which makes it take less time than developing product tours in-house.

But compared to the 3rd-party products such as UserGuiding, you’re again left with basic product tours that take a few weeks to fully integrate -which is a lifetime compared to UserGuiding’s minutes-. You can’t expect that complete user onboarding experience, but you can expect functional product introductions for crazy good pricing.

Intro.js Pricing

As long as you’re not using Intro.js for a commercial product, you don’t have to pay for anything. However, once you use it for commercial purposes, you’ll have to buy a one-time license:

  • Starter pack without any official support for $9.99,
  • Business pack with a month of official support and code review for $29.99,
  • Premium package with a year of official support, code review, and unlimited projects for $99.99.

Intro.js Reviews

πŸ‘ Pros:

“I really like the Intro.js plugin because documentation is straightforward and easy to understand. Very good onboarding tool for basic use cases.”

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

“The library is definitely open source and free software, but at the same time if I want to use it for commercial use it seems I need to pay a license fee. Why is this required if the code is open source?”

#5 Shepherd.js – Free (Open-source) Product Tours

Shepherd.js is a close competitor of Intro.js that is a solid FREE alternative to Simpo.

simpo vs shepherd
Shepherd Homepage

Shepherd.js is also an open-source library, that is very similar to Intro.js in functionality.

Basic product tours and feature introductions, that takes a while to develop but are completely free.

Simpo Alternatives Comparison Table

simpo alternatives comparison table

Join 2,000+ teams creating better experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Simpo?

Simpo is a user onboarding software for the sales, marketing, customer success, and HR teams in medium size buzinesses and enterprises.

How much does Simpo cost?

Simpo starts from $250/month, which makes it 2.5X more expensive than UserGuiding, a solid alternative to Simpo’s user onboarding platform.

What are the top alternatives to Simpo?

The top 5 alternatives to Simpo are UserGuiding, WalkMe, Intercom, Shepherd, and Intro.js.

Selman Gokce

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