Optimize your onboarding with data

UserGuiding’s Analytics dashboard gives you actionable insight on the performance of your onboarding content

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  • Go over MAUs, completion, view, abandon rates
  • Filter for segments, dates, status & tags
  • See total interaction with different UX elements
  • View specific user profiles to deep-dive into data

Analyze your Onboarding

Not all onboarding content performs the way you expect. Understand what you need to improve by comparing guide performance.

Explore Material
Usage Metrics

Find out where different user segments are having trouble and start offering workarounds and fixes to build 100% customer satisfaction.

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“With interactive onboarding, we were able to increase our activation rates by 25%.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UserGuiding have User Identification?

Yes, UserGuiding allows you to track user data to track user behavior and see who have interacted with your UserGuiding material; insights which you can later use to optimize flows and boost engagement.

What can I track with UserGuiding’s Analytics Dashboard?

UserGuiding allows you to track view and completion data for each guide, tooltip, hotspot, checklist, and resource center.

Which analytics platforms can be integrated with UserGuiding?

Currently, you can integrate and use data from UserGuiding with Google Analytics, Segment, Woopra, Mixpanel, and Amplitude.

How can I know/check which users have interacted/completed the onboarding materials?

You can use UserGuiding’s segmentation and User Identification features to access a list of users who completed a certain guide/guides.