UserGuiding Ranks Among Latka’s Top SaaS Brands!

For over 2 years, Userguiding has helped 2000+ companies around the world in onboarding and interacting with their users, and become a PLG platform.

It has been a passion for us to improve your and your users’ digital experiences for good, and have no doubt that we will keep doing it in the future.

We’re excited to share that Userguiding has made it to be one of the Latka’s most promising SaaS in California. Each year, Latka analyzes 10,000 different software companies around the world to select the most promising in each location.

How We Ranked As Most Promising

The rankings are based on a combination of factors including revenue growth (ARR) and how frequently paying customers to use Userguiding (renewal rate).

Many of you have been with us for a long time giving us a very low customer churn rate. Thank you!

You’ve decided to use Userguiding across more of your team and many of you have upgraded as you have experienced growth. Latka looks at how many customers expand their accounts and increase their ARPU as a factor in the rankings. 

As we’re all dealing with this virus crisis, we’re thrilled to share this news with you.

You played a vital role in helping us grow and rank so high up against thousands of other SaaS companies. We’ve got big product plans and announcements for 2020 as we build more ways to help you grow your business, improve your UX, and acquire more customers

Here’s UserGuiding on Latka’s Top SaaS Companies in California list:

latka userguiding top rank

The Future is even more promising!

Until now, UserGuiding has made the lives of many businesses easier. Make sure you read our customer stories on how GhostwriterAI effectively onboards new users with UserGuiding and how HR Assistant uses UserGuiding to make user onboarding fun in different languages.

Even though we are proud of the current state of our product since we have been working relentlessly to provide you with a seamless experience and a valuable solution, there is always room for improvement.

Sky is the limit!

userguiding latka saas

We will keep expanding our company, growing our business, and improving our product to serve you better. We have big announcements to make pretty soon.

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Selman Gokce

Selman Gokce

Selman Gokce is the Senior Inbound Marketer of UserGuiding. He is highly invested in user onboarding and digital adoption, especially for SaaS, and he writes on these topics for the UserGuiding blog. When he's not writing, you can find him either listening to LOTR soundtracks while cooking or getting angry because he lost in a video game.