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HR Assistant is a cloud-based human resources management software for companies of any size. 

The multi-platform solution covers all the functionalities that an HR manager can desire. It liberates you from all the complex and repetitive day-to-day activities and lets you focus your attention where it’s needed.

The product was available in the Italian market since 2015 and it has recently started being sold globally in multiple languages.

Onboarding users doesn’t have to be a nightmare

When a user onboards to a platform, they need to learn all the functionalities of it as quickly as possible to understand its value and decide if they will adopt it or not.

HR Assistant was using online manuals as their onboarding, where they have directed their users outside of their tool to have them read long articles as the tutorial of their product. This generated 2 main problems:

  1. Long articles made the onboarding process boring
  2. Keeping the articles up-to-date was a demanding task

As the CEO and founder of Business Web Apps, the company that created HR Assistant, Roberto Billi puts it:

“We used before a different solution to create Online Manuals but it was less friendly and manageable so we stopped investing time to update and extend guides.”

They needed a solution where they could both entertain their users throughout their onboarding and spend less time creating and maintaining the material. This solution also had to provide support for creating different onboardings for multiple languages that they offer HR Assistant in.

They’ve found UserGuiding

So they were searching for a solution that could help them with their onboarding problems and improve the overall user experience of their product, that’s when they found UserGuiding.

UserGuiding provides HR Assistant with a chance to create an entire onboarding process in their product. They no longer need online manuals and long articles to educate their users about their product.

With UserGuiding, they can create completely interactive user onboarding flows, without coding. Various features and elements of UserGuiding help them create a comprehensive experience for their users.

“The variety of tools that Userguiding offers permits to use the most appropriate solution for every case, like Hotspot or Guide with a choice of different objects like Modal, Tooltip and so on.”

Here are some different UserGuiding features they’ve used on HR Assistant, starting with the first step of their main onboarding:

Here is a screenshot from another guide:

You can see that they have placed a tooltip to explain the feature better:

And their onboarding checklist where the users can track their progress is shown here:

Since they aim to be a global solution, they need a product that supports the creation of different guides for each language and the segmentation of users according to their language preference. With UserGuiding, they can easily create the same guide they had in Italian in English without wasting lots of time.

“One of the most powerful features is the possibility to control which guides should appear for every kind of user. In our case, we have segmented users and languages so we can provide the most appropriate information for every user in their language.”

Better Onboarding with UserGuiding

Onboarding before UserGuiding required a high amount of resources to put together and didn’t generate the results they were expecting due to the lack of interactivity and amount of inconvenience for the users.

They have been using UserGuiding for 5 months; onboarding users inside their product and offering them help whenever they need in whichever language they need it in. It has greatly improved their and their customers’ digital experience.

“We love UserGuiding, it’s so intuitive and powerful and even funny to use. It gives satisfaction as we get exactly the results we wanted in a very short time. Last but not least the support is excellent and very helpful.”

If you are looking to increase your product adoptionfeature adoptionretention, and conversion rates; aiming to minimize churn by improving your user onboarding, UserGuiding is the right tool for you.

With UserGuiding, you can create interactive product walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, hotspots, feature highlights, NPS surveys, and interactive help centers easily. Also, whenever there is a new feature or an update, you can change your onboarding elements with a few clicks.

And no coding or technical knowledge is required.

You can improve user onboarding with UserGuiding as well.


  • HR Assistant used to onboard users through online user manuals that were not interactive, and actually performed pretty poorly as an education method.
  • They wanted to implement a more interactive and entertaining way to onboard new users to their platform.
  • They’ve used UserGuiding’s interactive UX elements such as tooltips and product walkthroughs to drastically improve the quality of life for new users.

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