Product Virality: How to create infectious products that grow on their own

What is Product Virality

Iconic companies such as Clubhouse, Dropbox, Facebook, and Slack owe their success to having products that spread from one user to another, like a deadly virus.

This free guide will help you implement product virality at the core of your product and marketing strategy, and achieve the $0 customer acquisition cost.

In this free ebook you’ll learn:

  • why exactly you should go “viral”,
  • different types of product virality,
  • the making of a viral product,
  • tons of real world examples,
  • and actionable strategies and tips you can implement today.

“Product virality helps your product reach new markets and segments that your business wouldn’t reach on its own. Focus your recruitment efforts on getting influencers and well-known niche experts on board to benefit from their built-in audiences.”

Johannes Rastas, Affiliate Marketing Manager @Supermetrics

“The fastest-growing products don’t rely on word of mouth to generate virality. They build viral loops to incentivize users to bring other users as much and as often as possible.”

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO @ Product School

“One of the most promising acquisition channels startups explore – or at least should explore – is virality.” 

Savvas Zortikis, CEO @ Viral-Loops

“If you have a viral app, you won’t be spending anything or close to nothing on customer acquisition costs.”

Olof Mathé, CEO @ Mixmax


“The handling of UserGuiding was so simple that we could create fast, flexible, and individual training and guides in no time.”

Thanh Pham

“UserGuiding felt like a simple strategy that we could easily adopt for our solution.”

David Palmer

“I would recommend the tool to SaaS platforms that are looking to improve their customer education.”

Chris Gale