Product Redesign Walkthrough

Introduce new design elements with a quick-witted product tour

Give users the choice to explore your brand new UI. Preclude any confusion and take charge of the product adoption.

Used by:
Product Managers
Customer Success Teams

UserGuiding can help you introduce design changes for non-stop product adoption.

Ignite User Curiosity

Greet users with an attention-grabbing modal to introduce your new interface. Encourage them to take action.

Draw Attention to Key Changes

Highlight new design elements with hotspots. Demonstrate their functionality with optional product tours.

Support Users in Reorientation

Share product tips with responsive one-step guides without spoiling the sense of self-discovery.

“It is very intuitive and easy to work with. The attributes and segments work so good and easy to setup.
The Chrome extension is also easy to install and use. Very intuitive tool and excellent customer support!”

Torben Stigaard

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