How to Build a Content Marketing Machine That Brings in 10+ Million Organic Impressions a Month: Osman Koc on The SaaS Revolution Show

A good podcast can be a fun, relaxing, and inspiring way of spending your free time or a break from work.

And we recently had the chance to listen to an especially insightful episode:

Our co-founder and CEO Osman Koc was the guest at The SaaS Revolution Show’s latest episode! 🎙️

So, let me talk about the show a little, give you a link to the episode, and share my personal takeaways from Osman’s story of how UserGuiding became what it is today ✌️

What is The SaaS Revolution Show?

The SaaS Revolution Show, brought to us by SaaStock, is a podcast hosted by Alex Theuma that offers listeners wisdom from execs, founders, and investors who have reached success under unexpected circumstances.

The episodes range between 20-40 minutes and the format of the show lets listeners gain great insight into the SaaS world.

And Osman happens to have just made an episode with the podcast!

Let’s take a look:

How to Build a Content Marketing Machine That Brings in 10+ Million Organic Impressions a Month

In this episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, Osman Koc talks about:

👉 How UserGuiding was founded,

👉 How to get 2+ million ARR & the strategy behind it,

👉 The best advice he has ever received,

👉 The hardships of the CEO position, and

👉 What’s next for UserGuiding

And here’s where you can find the full 44-minute episode, each minute filled with SaaS wisdom 🧠:

And if you don’t have the time, here are my personal notes from the podcast:

Key Takeaways

  • The idea for UserGuiding came to the founding team back when they were running a startup studio in Istanbul before UserGuiding when they realized many solutions suffered from a lack of good user onboarding and that the solutions on the market were either too technical or too expensive,
  • One of the hardest things about doing business with close friends for Osman was that it was hard to follow deadlines and hold people accountable, but he says it’s not something that can’t be solved as the company grows,
  • Lesson #1 Osman shares: reaching 1 million ARR takes time and great effort, especially with no experience in B2B SaaS; staying calm is a must-have skill,
  • Lesson #2 is: your team is all that you have, in the long run, success as a CEO boils down to constantly finding people better than you and hiring them; founders are for the team, the team is for the company,
  • The key to content marketing is to actually offer value and not just promote your own product and invest in link-building, frequent optimization, and doing your research right,
  • For SaaS people looking to get into marketing-oriented SaaS: Staying on top of your content is a must

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