Our favorite no-code and low-code startups from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

Last week, UserGuiding team attended TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin. It was an amazing experience for us. The Startup Battlefield (-I see you, Silicon Valley fans!), the hackathon, the Startup Alley exhibition, amazing speakers… 2 days weren’t enough to get to know everyone, but we are very happy that we chose to attend TechCrunch Disrupt and set up our booth there.

We met so many amazing people doing innovative things! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our booth and met us.

Team UserGuiding at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

I wanted to create a shortlist of our favorite no-code or low-code startups. After that, I’ll note a few things we’ve learned.

Our favorite no-code and low-code software startups inside Startup Alley

Startup Alley was literally the heart of Disrupt Berlin. 400+ pre-series A startups showcased their latest products and services.

At UserGuiding, we are trying to build the world’s most non-developer friendly user onboarding tool and believe that no-code and low-code startups will shine even brighter in the future.

So, here are our favorite startups that have a no-code or low-code software:

Cumul.io – The building block for dashboards & reporting, seamlessly integrated into your application.

Team cumul.io at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

Cumul.io is a great low-code solution for SaaS companies to embed interactive dashboards in the client portal. Adding powerful reporting features and empowering clients to do more with their data is a great way to increase revenue and deliver more value to clients.

Cumul.io can be connected with databases, files, and online services such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Google Analytics, etc or your API. After the connection is completed, creating dashboards with drag & drop is really simple. Also, dashboards are very customizable and optimizable for every screen, without any additional coding.

You can start your 10 days free trial on cumul.iono credit card required.

Mindbehind – Conversational AI designing platform that you can build chatbots without any coding knowledge.

Mindbehind at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

Mindbehind is a no-code platform to build, test and publish your chatbot easily and manage every conversation between your customers, chatbots and agents.

Mindbehind’s drag and drop chatbot builder platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge. After you’ve built your chatbot, you can test it with the most respected AI providers and identify on which AI providers the performance of your conversations will be successful. Lastly, you can publish your chatbot across multiple messaging channels – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and on your website.

Get started for free and build your chatbot on mindbehind.com.

AppGyver – Build react-native based apps 10x faster than coding and distribute to mobile, desktop, web and TV.

AppGyver at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

AppGyver is the world’s first professional no-code platform, enabling its users to build apps for mobile, desktop, browser, TV and others.

You can design the interface for any screen size with simple drag & drop and preview the final result in real-time. And then, again you can just drag and drop the functions on a canvas to create logic visually. Sensors, file operations, data functions, permissions, user inputs – everything. You can also bring your data and add your own custom code. Then with a simple click, you can ship the app you’ve built.

Definitely give AppGyver a try. You can start building any app you want in minutes and start for free.

Trainsfer – Fast, easy and affordable AI models without coding.

Trainsfer at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

Trainsfer team has a big goal: to democratize AI by creating the web platform which enables people with no coding or AI knowledge to quickly create and deploy AI algorithms.

It’s possible to create and upload datasets by simply dragging files into Trainsfer. Then with a simple mouse click, you can click to train your own State of the Art model. After that, the trained model can be used for your specific use-case.

You can start using Trainsfer and discover what it can offer on trainsfer.io for free.

What we’ve learned after our first tech event?

This was the first time we set up a booth at a tech event. Here are a few things we’ve learned you might find useful:

  • If possible, take one LCD screen with you and play an attractive video/GIF in a loop. Hundreds of people will walk by your booth, something should distract them!
  • Remember to take photos as you visit their booth. Sadly, I could only find cumul.io’s photo to showcase in this article.
  • Definitely think of a cool swag idea (promotional item) to get more attention. The event was in December, and Berlin was cold. Below you can find my photo with our swag. Everyone loved it!
UserGuiding swag item at Tech Crunch Disrupt Berlin 2019
  • LinkedIn has a great feature to scan a profile’s QR code and connect in seconds. Remember to use it!
  • Arranging a meetup after the event with people you’ve met and other friendly startups helped us increase our network as well. Thanks to Mustafa, Barkın, Kaan and, others again for arranging the meetup!
  • TechCrunch Disrupt is a giant event. Definitely check out the speakers and startups before you get there.

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