New Feature Launch: Integrate Your Zendesk Knowledge Base in Your Resource Center Without Code

Zendesk users can now appreciate Resource Centers to the fullest

Ever since we launched Resource Centers in August to overwhelmingly positive feedback and usage data, a specific feature has been requested time and time again: The ability to integrate Zendesk knowledge bases.

Good news: That day has come!

zendesk integration with userguiding

Zendesk users’ new favorite feature

With this integration, Zendesk users are now able to benefit from the entire Resource Center experience:

📚 Zendesk Integration:

Copy and paste your domain URL and voila, users can search and read your knowledge base, directly from your resource center widget.

🖼️ In-widget Display:

Let users browse content, search results, and more in your Resource Center widget. They don’t have to leave your app anymore: Talk about retention!

🤖 No-code:

No coding is needed whatsoever. Get your resource center up and running in seconds, literally.

The Zendesk integration is live today and waiting for you in your panel. Head over to your UserGuiding dashboard and start building your Resource Center today:

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Ready to Boost Product Adoption, Without any Coding

Ready to Boost Product Adoption, Without any Coding

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Thierry Maout

Thierry Maout

Thierry is a product marketer and content writer with a focus on B2B SaaS, user onboarding, and automation.