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Thanh Pham

“UserGuiding is helping us to train and onboard a large number of people across borders. As a result, we are reducing customer support workload and the need for 1:1s.”

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Kathleen Brummit

“We chose UserGuiding because we were looking for a scalable and consistent method of delivering training to our users who are present in 13 different markets around the world. The tool not only helped us in onboarding new users, but also increased adoption of the product.”

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David Palmer

“We wanted a solution that could do really well in the user onboarding vertical. We’ve used Intercom, WalkMe, and Pendo; but they were trying to do so many things at once it felt overwhelming. UserGuiding felt like a simple strategy that we could easily adopt for our solution, and we ended up decreasing our support load by 20% with UserGuiding.”

UserGuiding = Increased User Adoption and Loyal Customers

UserGuiding helps teams increase user adoption by empowering them to create no coding required product tours, which allow them to prompt the right in-app experience to the right persona at the right stage of their user journey.


Decrease in Support Tickets

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Increase in Feature Adoption

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Response Rate for NPS Surveys

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Join 2,000+ teams creating better experiences.

14-Day Free Trial, with an extra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

See the real use cases of UserGuiding

Every software needs user onboarding. Period. But sometimes you might need some inspiration to decide where to start.

This is why we are recreating the popular tools’ user onboarding with UserGuiding. Each video takes only 3-4 mins. And they’ll help you become a user onboarding expert.

You can find the rest on our blog.

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Join 2,000+ teams creating better experiences.

14-Day Free Trial, with an extra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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