Product Usage Hints

Share helpful tips and lead your users to success

Explain hows and whys of your interface with tooltips near at hand. Improve user experience through point shot clues.

Used by:
Product Managers

UserGuiding can help you notify your users about the policy changes.

Adapt users to key solutions

Trigger a tooltip tour with pre-filled information for user onboarding. Drive qualified prospects to their aha moment faster.

Eliminate common mistakes

Avert beginner’s frustration by cleverly placed hotspots. Encourage users to act self-confidently in your application.

Reveal value behind curtains

Highlight any feature on a page via contextual tooltips. Guide end-users to adaption by demonstrating product functionality. 

Check Out the Live Demo Below

“It is very intuitive and easy to work with. The attributes and segments work so good and easy to setup.
The Chrome extension is also easy to install and use. Very intuitive tool and excellent customer support!”

Torben Stigaard

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