Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is a feature that helps you increase user engagement throughout the user onboarding process. UserGuiding offers a fully customizable goal tracking tool that helps you provide your users with a gamified user experience. Also, you can see the statistics of your users’ completion rates in our detailed analytics tool.

How you can use UserGuiding as a Goal Tracking tool?

With UserGuiding’s Goal Tracking feature, you can create customized checklists for your users to complete during their user onboarding processes. You can start by defining certain goals that you think your users must complete and then gather these goals in a checklist.

When these checklists are online, they are going to act as a north-star for your users. If the user onboarding process is designed smoothly enough with UserGuiding, added the checklist you created using our goal tracking feature, your users will complete one goal after another until they devour every goal there is on the checklist.

After the checklists are integrated into the user experience, with the help of the segmentation features of UserGuiding, all users will go through a unique and personalized journey.

Why should you have a Goal Tracking tool?

To achieve a gamified experience and an increased activation rate, you must adopt a goal tracking strategy. Checklists compel users to complete tasks that will eventually render them successfully onboarded. As they go through the goals you set up for them, they will be exploring parts and features of your product and how to use them. This will enable them to see the value proposition of your product more clearly and quickly.

Gamifying user experience with setting goals is a certain way to increase product adoption. To achieve higher adoption rates, you can optimize your checklist to ensure better engagement. You can also create these checklists in-source, but you also need to develop an analytics tool to measure the performance of this feature and spend lots of resources on its development. By using a goal-tracking tool, you can reduce this time down to just 5 minutes.

Which companies trust UserGuiding as a Goal Tracking tool?

Almost all of our current customers use our Goal Tracking feature as a way to increase user engagement. They constantly analyze their user onboarding checklists’ performance to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from them.

Sendloop started creating user onboarding processes with UserGuiding and experienced a 70% increase in user activation rates. They created a user onboarding checklist and tracked goals that the users have completed it. After three months of research, optimization and success meetings, Sendloop’s engagement and activation rates rapidly increased.

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