38 B2B Marketing Statistics and Trends 2023

B2B businesses are thriving.

What’s more, with over 15,000 SaaS businesses out there, the vast majority of which is B2B and more coming, B2B businesses are becoming more and more up to date and technologically sophisticated.

But do we know where it’s all going?

What happened in 2022? What are the trends in 2023? What are we going to sell? What do we market now?

What should the B2B marketers prepare themselves for?

Some B2B marketing stats could help us figure it out. Let’s take a look at some B2B statistics about:

Here we go.

B2B Marketing General Statistics

Just like in B2C companies, marketing is crucial for B2B companies as well.

In both cases, marketers work within a marketing budget, try to find the most effective marketing channel of all, come up with strategies for video marketing, content marketing, and even influencer marketing lately.

But what’s up with the general statistics? 

1- The top marketing lead sources are referrals (65%) and email marketing (38%) (Source)

2- One out of three B2B companies reserve 5% of their budgets for marketing. (Source)

3- Website Development (51%) and Digital Marketing (44%) are the lead as the top areas
of marketing spend(Source)

4- 76% of companies report that they are using automation in 2021. (Source)

5- 53% of marketers believe that webinars are what generate the most high-quality leads, being in the top-of-the-funnel format they are. (Source)

6- More than 50% of all B2B buyers are millennials. (Source)

B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics

In 2023, a social platform equals a marketing opportunity. You can tell if you are a social media user like most of us. And to be honest, social media leads are a sizable sum.

You might not have figured out the most effective channel for your social media marketing efforts just yet, but these social media statistics could help.

7- 95% of B2B marketers create social media content (Source)

8- Among the top social media B2B professionals prefer are LinkedIn (86%), Facebook (79%), Twitter (60%), and this year Instagram (60%) and YouTube (56%). (Source) 

9- The biggest challenge to social media marketing in B2B is engagement (63%), followed by measuring social ROI (55%). (Source)

10- 75% of B2B organizations use social media marketing and social media advertising. (Source)

11- Facebook is the primary content distribution channel marketers use in 2021, with Instagram right behind it. (Source)

12- 82% of B2B content marketers used Twitter for organic marketing in 2021. (Source)

13- The average CPM for LinkedIn ads is $6.59, while for Twitter, it is $6.46, for Facebook, it is $7.19, and for Instagram, it is $7.91. (Source)

B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Coming up with a content marketing strategy that will gather up your potential customers and even end up in an increase in revenue someday is hard. But it is crucial.

The truth is, your content strategy doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just that you have to start somewhere.

Hopefully, these stats will help with your content marketing efforts.

14- 91% of B2B businesses use content marketing. (Source)

15- B2B marketers reporting high levels of content marketing success said the top two factors contributing to that success were the value their content provides (83%) and website changes (60%). (Source)

16- 80% of internet consumers appreciate custom content that helps them learn about a product, and 60% of them find themselves inspired to know more about a product after reading pieces of content about it. (Source)

17- Almost half of all B2B marketers outsource at least one content activity. Last year, 71% of respondents from large companies said they outsourced, compared to 61% this year. (Source)

18- Most preferred organic content distribution channels B2B marketers use are social media platforms (89%), email (87%), and their organization’s website/blog (86%). (Source)

19- 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer a blog post/articles over ads from potential partners – and 60% say it lets them make better product decisions. (Source)

B2B Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing isn’t the most conventional B2B marketing strategy, but it sure is among the most popular B2B marketing trends. If your marketing team is on the younger side, you would know.

The important thing is figuring out which content types work for your organization. Let’s figure it out.

20- 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, same as 2021. (Source)

21- Videos (61%), links that lead to website content (51%), and links to blog posts (43%) resonate the best with marketing audiences. (Source)

22- Consumers find branded video content more interesting by 43%, while branded photo content (36%) and branded written content (18%) are less interesting. (Source)

23- 59% of executives prefer watching a video over reading the same content in text format. (Source)

24- More than half of viewers will watch a video if it’s shorter than 1 minute. (Source)

25- 75% prefer watching videos horizontally, while only 25% prefer watching vertically. (Source)

26- User-generated video made up 60% of all videos created. (Source)

27- 30% of marketers see video as a more important part of their strategy than their website (Source)

B2B Email Marketing Statistics

An email marketing strategy has always been the very center of all marketing efforts, regardless of the industry. But a successful email marketing campaign takes more than coming up with a strategy.

You might want to adopt email marketing software or match it with a content marketing activity like a newsletter.

Regardless of it all, these email marketing stats have something to tell.

28- Since the pandemic, more than 40% of marketers have seen budget cuts to email. (Source)

29- 35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week. (Source)

30- Click through rates (52%), and open rates (43%) are the top challenges email marketing faces (Source)

31- 80% of marketers say that they would prefer dropping social media for email marketing. (Source)

32- 4 billion users use emails on a daily basis and this number is expected to reach up to 4.6 billion by 2025. (Source)

33- Fridays see the highest email open rates with around 19%, while the lowest open rates with 17% are on Saturdays. (Source)

34- For every 1$ spent in email marketing, organizations get 43$ back, at the very least. (Source)

35- According to 66% of marketers, artificial intelligence can be used to optimize email send times. (Source)

B2B SaaS Marketing Statistics

We can’t mention B2B businesses without also mentioning SaaS. And minding the type of business, you are going for or knowing your industry can work wonders when marketing.

Here are some B2B SaaS marketing stats.

36- SaaS spending is expected to increase by 241% (Source)

37- 85% percent of big SaaS companies have a blog for inbound marketing. (Source)

38- In the first five years of existence, SaaS companies tend to invest 80-120% of their revenue in marketing and sales (Source).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is social media marketing important in B2B?

Yes, it is. In 2023, around 95% of B2B marketers create social media content, and not adopting such a marketing strategy might put businesses behind in the race.

Should I use video content for B2B marketing?

Yes. As a matter of fact, 86% of B2B marketers make use of some sort of video content.

Is B2B email marketing dead?

No, it isn’t. Although many millennials seem to be abandoning emails, 80% of marketers say they would rather give up social media than email marketing.

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