Top 12 Best Free E-books for Startups

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    Free e-books are useful tools that the digital era offers.  For startups, it is always a good time to learn more. We collected the best free e-books for start-ups that will help you improve yourself and your business better. From a business plan to finance and marketing, there is a lot to consider from experienced people in the sector.

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    1- Product Phases by Product School and UserGuiding

    Although growth, customer relations, marketing are important to startups, perhaps the part where most startups fail is the launch. Pre-launch and launch itself are the phases of a product that entrepreneurs need guiding on.

    Product School and UserGuiding have collaborated on writing a book that will guide you through the launch phases of your product. Product Phases that teaches you "how to launch your product like a pro" and gives you strategies on early phases of your product.

    startup ebooks product phases

    2- Top Tips to Instantly Increase User Engagement by UserGuiding

    This ebook is not going to help you design better products or improve your marketing copy.

    What it will do is a very specific task, and it is creating constantly active users that love your product!

    In this free ebook, you can find 11 tips for increasing the user engagement in your startup; tips vary from adjusting your sales pitch to integrating additional UX elements, so there's something for everybody.

    If you're struggling in product or feature adoption, or just not able to figure out why your retention is so low, this ebook might be the answer for you.

    free startup ebook

    3- 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes by HubSpot

    You will find inspiring thoughts about the marketing world in 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes. All these quotes have been collected from interviews, articles, best-selling books, and conferences. The book will motivate you to dedicate your time and energy to your start-up. 

    4- Breaking the Time Barrier by FreshBooks

    Here is a real success story: Mike McDerment is co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks. His company is at the top of the cloud software accounting services for small businesses. Read the lessons he has learned throughout his journey so that you can improve your pricing skills.

    startup ebooks breaking the time barrier

    5- Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Startups by Ilya Mirman

    Building the Marketing Plan is one of the most comprehensive free e-books for start-ups, which are starting from scratch. In Ilya Mirman’s book, you will find the best practices for building your marketing plan and tips about scaling your team for growth. These are not all! You will also learn which tools to use, how to deliver your brand’s message, and more! 

    6- 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed by Thomas Oppong

    It is priceless to know the mistakes other people have done before stepping ahead. So you can waste less energy and budget on wrong choices when your start-up is still a baby. The founders shared their undesired stories so that other founders will recognize the false route before they start the journey.

    7- UX Design for Startups by UXPin

    Poor user experience alone is enough to kill a business and most startups start their journey without any UX designer. Therefore, one of the most valuable reads for the small startup crews is UXPin's UX Design for Startups.

    In this free e-book, we are provided with the basics of UX design and how startups could focus on the experience of their users when designing their products.

    E-books for Startups ux design

    8- Lucky Brand by David Brier

    David Brier focuses on the huge marketplace with thousands of new products each year and shows how to call your luck rather than expecting it the find you without any efforts. Using these ten branding strategies, you will be a magnet that attracts the audience. Your brand will stand out among the competitors. 

    9- New Rules of Viral Marketing by David Meerman Scott

    Would you like to spread your ideas for free? So you have to consider how to set up your viral marketing strategies. The main idea is to give great content to the audience, who might like to be your messenger by sharing your content. But you should take every step carefully for a successful process. The book written by David Meerman Scott will hold your hand when you need it throughout the journey.

    startup ebooks viral marketing

    10- 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success by Erica Nicole

    Erica Nicole is the founder of YFS Magazine, and she is sharing the secrets of successful small businesses with this free e-book for start-ups. The book doesn’t promise you to be rich overnight but shows you how to make an efficient plan to sustain your startup till it is a success. 

    11- Startup Guide – Harvard University Office of Technology Development

    It is hard to ignore an e-book prepared by Harvard University. The book shows the reader the whole process of establishing a new company. First, it helps you find out if you should bother yourself with all these works and then explain all the steps to launch your start-up.

    12- The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Great VP of Sales by SaaStr

    Let's assume that you have established a great product with a flawless UX and your customers are in love with your brand. You are achieving success after success in the journey of your great startup and you want to expand.

    One thing you must do in becoming a large profitable company is establishing a great sales department. SaaStr, in their e-book The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Great VP of Sales, explains how you can start this establishment by hiring the best VP of Sales possible. This ultimate guide is worth checking out if you wish to find the best fit for your company.

    startup ebooks great vp of sales

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