Comparison of Google calendar v/s Calendly v/s Taggg Calendar

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    Home / Growth / Comparison of Google calendar v/s Calendly v/s Taggg Calendar

    Why use a digital calendar? Calendar apps keep you organized and in control whether you are a student, professional, stay-at-home mom, or the boss of a small business. The days of using appointment books, scrawled notes, or wall calendars to keep track of your schedule are long gone. With the advent of calendar scheduling apps, your daily routine is in your hands, allowing you to be informed, focused, and productive.

    You are aware of how difficult it may be to manage your schedule if you work with clients or only have internal meetings. And if you are a project manager, your list of project management tools is incomplete without a meeting scheduler tool. When someone makes an appointment over the phone with you and never shows up, it can be annoying as well. Online schedulers are useful in situations like these.

    Online schedulers like Google Calendar, Calendly, and Taggg Calendar allow you a user-friendly interface to rapidly set up appointments and effectively manage your customers (i.e., they can easily let you know if they need to change times or cancel). You can invite people, set up reminders for meetings at specific times, or simply return at a later time to reschedule any appointments that did not work out.

    There are some variations, even though these services let you manage your meetings. Let us examine and contrast the capabilities, pricing, user-friendliness, and some advantages and disadvantages of using Google Calendar, Calendly, and Taggg calendar.

    Taggg Calendar

    tagg calendar as an alternative to google calendar

    Whether you prefer using Google Calendar or Outlook, Taggg's online scheduling technology makes it simple to set up group meetings. It easily integrates with other remote working tools like  Ring4, Zoom, and Zapier. Calendly might not be the ideal choice for small to midsize businesses that are expanding and want more capabilities as their operations grow. Google Workspace is not the ideal option either for companies who prefer using Microsoft Office products over those from Google.

    You do not have to be a Google customer to utilize Taggg; there are plans available for everyone, from the brand-new user to the company with expanding needs.

    Taggg is a productivity application used to arrange online meetings with several participants, regardless of whether they use Microsoft or Google calendar. To find open times to meet, users can connect with the contacts in their network and their calendars using this feature.

    With this knowledge, Taggg can schedule instant meetings for parties who are linked and make organizing meetings for big groups considerably quicker.

    Taggg Calendar Features

    Instant Group Scheduling

    Once linked, you can organize immediate group meetings with your connections by choosing times that suit everyone. You may select a time that works for everyone and schedule instant meetings by sharing calendars with colleagues inside and outside your organization.


    Make meeting booking links that you can send to someone to schedule a meeting with you or a group of people. Invite the person you are communicating with to connect with you. You will select the availability you want to tell your contact about. When they follow suit, you are now connected.

    Automated Group Scheduling

    Simply add people to Automated Group Meetings, and Taggg will pick the earliest time to meet.

    Taggg Calendar Advantages

    • By enabling you to securely link your calendar(s) with individuals on your team and from outside your company, Taggg allows you to organize an endless number of group meetings.
    • Instantly schedule appointments using easily shareable calendar links. Additionally, the scheduling tool provides the earliest time slot that works for a group meeting.

    Taggg Disadvantages

    • The largest challenge is convincing others to use the tool.
    • Before you can start scheduling, you must first connect with other individuals.

    Google Calendar

    google calendar

    A calendar and time management tool is Google Calendar. It is Google's gift to those who want to be more efficient and effectively manage their calendars. The web-based and mobile apps for the online calendar planner are excellent tools for scheduling appointments. There are tools built into Google Calendar that make it simple to share your calendar with your team.

    In business, forgetting your scheduled appointments could cost you contracts worth thousands of dollars. In terms of your personal life, you can miss out on significant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or your child's first ballet performance.

    Regardless of your perspective, forgetting could cost you dearly. You, therefore, require a powerful yet user-friendly scheduling application, such as Google Calendar. You may manage your calendars with it and make sure you do not miss any appointments. Appointment scheduling, lead creation, and team communication, among other things, are all made easier with Google Calendar.

    Google Calendar Features

    Let us take a closer look at some of Google Calendar's core capabilities to demonstrate how they might benefit your company.

    Google integration

    You may combine your Google Calendar with your marketing software to further align it with your marketing initiatives.

    Include Video Conferences In Your Events

    Simply click the "Add Google Meet video conferencing" button, and you are set to go, rather than exchanging many emails to decide which online meeting platform you will use to connect with your visitors.

    When you press the button, a Meet video event is created that can be quickly approved by your guests after they receive your invitation. Click the "Add Google Meet video conferencing" button after that. Your online meetings will be a snap, thanks to Google Calendar's ability to instantly start a Meet video conference.

    Automated Email Alerts

    The tried-and-true methods of generating business or interacting with your team and customers include product launches, focus groups, and town halls. Even if they have already committed to attending, participants may forget about the event if you do not send them reminder emails. It simply happens when individuals become busy.

    By reminding participants by email, you can increase the number of attendees at your event. The Google Calendar app lets you specify when you would want to send your reminders when you click the "Add Notification" option to set up automated email alerts.

    Make a number of calendars.

    You can keep track of your events, activities, and chores by creating different calendars, which will help you arrange your schedules better. You could, for example, design unique calendars for your sales, accounting, marketing, and other departments.

    Your customers, coworkers, family members, and friends can use the shared Google Calendar to determine the perfect time to get in touch with you. The software also enables you to access your calendar from a separate application, embed it on a web page, and access it via a public URL in a web browser.

    Google Calendar Advantages

    • You can never miss an appointment with Google's calendar syncing across different devices. You may access your schedule on your phone or tablet, as well as on any computer with an internet connection.
    • In order to organize events and reply to event invitations directly from your email, Google Calendar can be combined with your Gmail account. You will have the choice to add an event to your calendar when you receive alerts that provide an event description along with a date and time. The necessary fields will automatically receive the event information copied from the event.
    • You can access several calendars from Google in a single location. Make a different calendar for personal use, professional obligations, academic obligations, and anything else you want to remember, then adjust the parameters for each.

    Google Calendar Disadvantages

    • Starting Google Calendar can be difficult if you have not done so already. Because it is not a stand-alone platform, using other Google software products is necessary to get the most out of it. You must create a Gmail account if you do not already have one in order to use Google Calendar.
    • You can have problems incorporating non-Google goods into your workflow even though Google generally seems to get along with other programs.


    Calendly google calendar alternative

    Anyone trying to make the process of organizing meetings with potential clients, customers, or team members more straightforward should use Calendly. You might, for instance, place a link to your Calendly account on your website and invite site visitors to book appointments.

    Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that syncs with your calendars and lets you customize meeting settings. Then, team members or potential clients arrange meetings with you by selecting an open time slot that complies with the rules you have established.

     Additionally, you can use it to schedule meetings so that everyone on your team can attend without sending too many emails back and forth.

    People who want to use automation to cut down on time will find it very useful. Calendly likely integrates nicely with tools you already use because it syncs with a wide range of widely used business apps. Calendly is for you if organizing, scheduling, and managing meetings start to seem like a full-time job in and of itself.

    Calendly Features

    Calendly Offers More Integration Tools

    Outside the Google Workspace line of products, Calendly provides other platform and tool integrations. Calendly generates web conferences, adds meetings to your CRM, and notifies invitees of upcoming meetings automatically.

    The Calendly link can also be incorporated into sales and marketing initiatives, enabling prospects to easily schedule appointments online.

    Calendly Offers Customizable Booking Rules

    You can configure how people can make appointments with you using Calendly's customized booking rules. People can be asked to choose a time in advance, only from a limited range of times, or from a range of dates. If you are available for meetings at specific times, this is extremely helpful.

    Automated Workflows

    With Calendly's newest function, "Workflows," you may automate a variety of processes, including text messages sent when emails are scheduled, email reminders, thank-you emails, requests for additional meetings, feedback surveys, and more. Calendly allows you to design your own workflows if there is one you would like to include.


    Calendly's built-in metrics and reporting make it simple to monitor campaign scheduling activity, invitee involvement, and attendance. In order to keep track of crucial parameters while on the go, the Calendly app is also accessible on mobile devices.

    Calendly Advantages

    • Calendly significantly reduces the amount of time needed to schedule meetings and consultations, both internally and with potential clients.
    • You can keep organized with little to no effort thanks to integrations with video conferencing, CRMs, and other well-liked business software.
    • It does away with emailing regarding availability and time zones.
    • Calendly takes care of the rest after you have chosen your meeting preferences.

    Calendly Disadvantages

    • Occasionally, the Calendly app will crash. Because the app may crash suddenly while you are in the middle of something, it can be very frustrating and disappointing when it happens occasionally. This makes it difficult for you to finish what you have started.
    • The Calendly scheduling tool's insufficient features prevent users from carrying out complex tasks. The functionality of the software must be upgraded.
    • Calendly's analytics are constrained. For instance, it is difficult to determine how many users clicked on an event to book it but then abandoned the process.

    Which Meeting Scheduler Suits You Best?

    Here is a comparison between Google Calendar vs. Calendly vs. Taggg Calendar for easy reference:

    Features Google Calendar Calendly Taggg Calendar
    Pricing Starts at $6 per month Start free, Paid plans start at $6, unlock all features at $8 Free trial for scheduled unlimited meetings, $6 per month for multiple calendars, $8 per month for teams
    Unlimited Meetings Yes Yes Yes
    Connect Single Calendar Yes Yes Yes
    Unlimited Connected Contacts Google Contacts Only No Yes
    BookNow Meetings Google Contacts Only No Yes
    Saved and One-Time Bookable Links Yes Yes Yes
    Automate Group Meetings Not Available Not Available Available
    Zoom, Google meet, Ring4 Integration Zoom, Google meet Integration.No Ring4 Integration Zoom, Google meet Integration.No Ring4 Integration Zoom, Google meet, Ring4 Integration Available

    Final Thoughts

    By using these online schedulers, you may book appointments and meetings without having to deal with the headache of constantly changing your schedule to accommodate your clients' or customers' needs. So that their clients can schedule meetings or appointments with them, folks can easily list the times they are available there. We hope that our online scheduling tool comparison table may aid in your decision.

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