Benefits of User Onboarding

Do you still believe your website has great user experience and don’t need an improved user onboarding process? Let us convince you with some onboarding benefits.

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Why user onboarding matters?

Building a valuable SaaS product is not a simple business, and it requires considerable effort and high concentration. Since you designed the product and spent thousands of hours on it, you can use it with all features easily.

On the other hand, regardless of the usability of your software, using and adapting a brand new software is not comfortable at all for new users.  That means if you have a SaaS providing different solutions to your customers, you must be interested in user onboarding and product tours.

Let’s say you release new features for your product to increase its core value. Will you just assume your active users will find the new feature out themselves? Or should they read long, boring articles?

1- Onboarding experience increases customer engagement

People don’t use SaaS tools just for entertainment. They are using your product because they need to solve something complicated thanks to your software.

User onboarding tools make your SaaS more comfortable to use so that the users can reach their goals easily and quickly. With a user onboarding software, you can show the real value of your product to users.

2- Onboarding users increases conversion rate

Conversion is one of the most important metrics for any SaaS company. New customers make purchase decisions in the first few minutes. You should not leave your potential customers alone during this most critical moments.

User onboarding tools offer you the ability to increase your conversion rates with a little effort. With a well-designed product tour, you can lead your users to success.

3- Onboarding educates users and increases retention

In SaaS business, there is only one thing as important as convincing a customer to pay, which is to convince users to continue to pay regularly. Paying users tend to keep paying subscription fees for easy to use products.

Otherwise, they start to look for other alternatives. A well-designed user onboarding process makes your users feel expertise while using your SaaS and it increases the retention rate and product usage.

It’s clear. A well-onboarded user is a happy user. A happy user is a paying user.

4- Onboarding Improves Product Adoption

Almost all of SaaS products release new features frequently to meet new customer needs and create more value. However, users get used to your product after a certain period and would not consider any new features.

User onboarding solutions provide interactive product guides for new features to fasten the users’ adaptation process. Shortly, product tours can increase the opportunity to upsell and upgrade your customers’ existing plans.

5- Onboarding helps to reduce customer support cost

Customer service officers have to answer the same questions many times related to the use of the product. This task takes a significant portion of their time.

Because user onboarding gives a lot of useful tips to customers about how they can use it, customer support cost would be decreased seriously. Preparing reusable onboarding flows is one of the most efficient solutions to reducing that cost.

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Want to learn how top product teams ensure that every new feature is a hit?

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Miraç Can Kaya

Miraç Can Kaya

Miraç is Content Editor of UserGuiding, a code-free product walkthrough software that helps teams scale user onboarding and boost user engagement.