Top 8 LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders in 2023

Are you looking to boost your lead generation game on LinkedIn?

If so, we have you covered!

In this article, we will take a look at the top 8 LinkedIn email extractors of 2023.

If you are tired of manually collecting contact information, these tools will be your secret weapon for effortlessly extracting valuable email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

Get ready to supercharge your outreach efforts and unlock a whole new level of networking success.

Let’s jump right in and explore the best LinkedIn email extractors that will make your life a whole lot easier!

What is an Email Extractor Tool?

Email extractor tools are software applications that extract email addresses from websites, social media profiles, and other online sources. Yes, it may sound illegal but I assure you it’s not. 

Email extraction methods explained.

Email extractors, extract emails by using a variety of methods, including:

  • Web scraping: This involves using a web crawler to visit websites and extract the email addresses that are found on those websites.
  • Social media scraping: This involves using a social media crawler to visit social media profiles and extract the email addresses that are found on those profiles.
  • API integration: This involves integrating with an API that provides access to email addresses.

Why Use LinkedIn Email Extractors?

There are many reasons why you might want to use an email extractor.

Market Research: Email extractors can be used to gather data about potential customers or clients by extracting their email addresses from websites and social media profiles. 

  • This data can be used to understand their needs and preferences, which can be used to develop marketing campaigns or products.

Save time: Say goodbye to the time-consuming and tedious task of manually extracting email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

  • A LinkedIn email extractor can automate this process, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Reach more people: LinkedIn is a powerful platform for reaching potential customers or clients. 

  • By using a LinkedIn email extractor, you can expand your reach and contact more people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Email extractors can be used to import email addresses into CRM systems. 

  • This information can then be used to track customer interactions, manage customer relationships, and send out marketing emails.

Hire or be hired; all that matters!

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. You can contact hirers to make your CV shine, among others, or you can contact people who you want in your company. 

  • Overall, LinkedIn email extractor tools can help you with reaching out to people that matter.

Email Extractor vs Email Finder

You may confuse them, and you will be right. Because these two have more common points than differences.

Both email extractors and email finders are software applications that can be used to find and extract email addresses from websites, social media profiles, and other online sources.

However, there are some key differences between the two types of software.

  • Email extractors are designed to extract email addresses from a specific website or social media platform.

For example, an email extractor for LinkedIn would be able to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

Email extractors typically use a combination of web scraping and natural language processing to extract email addresses.

  • Email finders are designed to find and extract email addresses from a wider range of sources.

For example, an email finder could be used to find email addresses from websites, social media profiles, and even company websites.

Email finders typically use a combination of web scraping, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract email addresses.

The difference between email extractors and email finders is shown in a simple format

Which one is Better? Email Extractors or Email Finders?

The best type of software for you will depend on your needs.

If you only need to extract email addresses from a specific website or social media platform, then an email extractor may be a good option for you.

However, if you need to find and extract email addresses from a wider range of sources, an email finder may be a better option.

Email extractor tools are cheaper compared to email finders; unless you are a sales representative, in customer service, or handle a big research case, we recommend you to go with email extractor tools. 

Game-Changing LinkedIn Email Extractor and Finder Tools in 2023

1) Hunter

The difference between email extractors and email finders is shown in a simple format is an email finder tool that contains almost all.

It allows you to extract email addresses from a variety of sources, including websites, social media profiles, and company websites.

Hunter’s LinkedIn email extractor tool is top notch, and you will see why in a minute.


  • Heaps of data are available
  • Provides accurate contact information
  • Chrome extension
  • Great customer service


  • Can improve integrations
  • Email address separation and unique emails cause a problem
  • Sometimes provides outdated information

People loved, but the tool itself is not perfect. Users complained about personal emails not being separated from company emails, which makes the process a little bit harder for users and needs improvement.

They also did not love that unique email formats did not process smoothly. Other than that, most people enjoyed the tool. 

User experience from TrustRadius for

“Flexibility at Your Fingertips to Help Break Barriers to Entry Hunter helps the user get access to information about corporates which is exactly what my team needs to make contacts and network at appropriate levels.

It helps you automate your outreach in a thoroughly professional matter. Back-end support is very good too and will give a user the confidence and trust that are the cornerstone of all good partnerships.”

Who should use’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Tool?

  • Medium and large businesses are better suited for this tool.’s Most-Liked Features

  1. LinkedIn Email Extractor Feature
  2. Hunter Campaigns: Cold Emailing

G2 points: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

2)’s free email search engine is an email finder tool that allows you to find emails in seconds via LinkedIn. 

The service, which defines itself as an email search engine, finds personal email addresses as well as company emails. It is used by over 50,000 sales professionals worldwide.


  • Affordable compared to other tools
  • Unlimited plan available
  • Personal email finder from LinkedIn
  • API for bulk email searches
  • Good customer service
  • CSV upload


  • Minor bugs

Users are generally happy with’s linkedin email finder and other features. However, they do demand more price packages for small businesses with relatively cheaper prices and fewer credits. Well, you can’t really make everyone happy.

User review from Trustpilot for

“The most important feature that Emailsearch has different from the other email finding tools is the capability of finding personal email addresses of content copywriters. The support team is very productive and fast. Lilly helped me a lot and found the best solutions quickly for the all concerns that I addressed while I was using the tool.”

Well, we don’t really have many reviews to go by. People loved that it made their lead generation easier. However, they did not really point out why they loved it, how it helped them, and so on.

You can check out’s LinkedIn email finder, it is like any other tool in the market. But stands out with its prices and customer service. They are trying to develop and improve tools with their community.

So if you are facing any problems, don’t really fall into despair, hit up their customer service! Let’s start to extract email addresses from Linkedin with

3)’s “About Apollo” page tool allows you to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, so you can reach out to potential customers and partners directly.

Here’s how it works: Simply enter the name or company of the person you’re looking for, and will scan their LinkedIn profile for their email address. If the person’s email address is publicly available, will extract it and display it to you.

It’s that easy! With’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Feature, you can finally reach out to the people you want to reach, without having to worry about spam filters or unethical methods.

So what are you waiting for? Try’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Feature today!


  • Fast
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good customer service


  • Lacks in integrations (ex. Zapier)
  • Could improve notifications
  • Lack of video explanations

Also, users showed a love-hate relationship with the tool having many features. While it’s great to have a lot of them in one place, it makes it overwhelming for users, especially beginners. review from G2:

“Mail Automation, sequencing, the accuracy of finding the leads, and the integration with the Linkedin tool. Very user friendly and first time user will get some time to learn it, but eventually it will get more easy once passed like 5-7 days using this.”

And another review from GetApp for

“Apollo beats out any other SEP by housing the data and extracting it from LinkedIn, allowing my team to enroll contacts in sequences much more efficiently.”

Who should use’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Tool?

  • All businesses can freely use however, we recommend medium businesses, experienced entrepreneurs, and sales teams to use it. Features offers could be better suited to them.’s Most-Liked Features

  1. LinkedIn Email Extractor Feature

Overall a good tool, the LinkedIn email extractor just shines among other features. What makes it a powerful tool is’s features. It is an all-in-one tool.  G2 points: 4.8 out of 5 stars.

4) Wiza

Wiza’s LinkedIn email extractor tool.

Wiza’s LinkedIn Email Extractor is a magical tool that can help you find the email addresses of your dream clients.

It’s like having a personal assistant who does all the hard work for you. Just enter a few keywords, and Wiza will do the rest.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a list of qualified leads with their email addresses and other contact information.


  • Very accurate
  • Quick tool/improvement/customer service
  • Great UI


  • Can improve data
  • Hard-to-learn at the beginning
  • Quality of data in terms of locations

Wiza offers free scans for data that has no emails, you pay as you go. Only makes you pay for valid data and risky ones are free!

Review from GetApp for Wiza:

“Easy to use software and most of the other tools give personal email address of the person. I was searching for a tool that gives me the business email and I found this.”

Who should use Wiza’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Tool?

  • Wiza’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Tool is a great tool for sales reps, medium and small business owners, and marketers who want to grow their businesses by finding qualified leads on LinkedIn.

Wiza’s Most-Liked Features

  1. Export Feature
  2. Social Media Integration
  3. Email Extractor

G2 points: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

5) Closely

Closely LinkedIn email scrapper tool

When it comes to LinkedIn email scraping, Closely Surfer stands out as one of the most trustworthy options available.

With just a few clicks, it effortlessly retrieves email addresses, phone numbers, and valuable company insights directly from LinkedIn profiles.

Closely is more than just an email scraper—it’s a comprehensive lead engagement platform packed with exclusive features that set it apart from other tools.

With offerings like LinkedIn Network Intelligence and Inbox, Closely allows you to efficiently manage your LinkedIn connections and segment your audience.

Additionally, Closely’s extension enables you to scrape emails from LinkedIn and conveniently save the results of your LinkedIn searches in CSV files, all free of charge.


  • Very accurate data
  • Saves lots of time by handling the little things
  • Very easy to extract big data sets


  • Hard-to-learn
  • Limited sales navigation
  • Risky
  • A rare occurrence of bugs

Closely users showed an increasing interest in its features. They reported it has more accuracy and more information compared to other tools in the market. However, every good thing has a “but”; some users say the tool if used carelessly, may get you banned from LinkedIn.

User review from Capterra:

“Beautiful, well-kept, and pleasant. Very easy to use, and a perfect ux despite having lots of features. UX is exemplary. It saves a lot of time compared to other tools and also has the function of sending messages and emails, it has everything! You have multiple ways to plan your campaigns whatever your purpose, including recruiting, not just selling.”

Another Closely review from Trustpilot:

“I bought Closely off of a recommendation on building my LinkedIn account. I didn’t really know what to expect but I am happily surprised at how my LinkedIn connections have grown by leaps and bounds without really doing anything. Great product so far.”

Who should use Closely’s LinkedIn Email Extractor Tool?

  • If you are new to lead generation through LinkedIn, Closely’s the tool for you. We can’t really narrow it down to one group, it is a great tool for everyone and is cheaper. But remember, this tool is new, so you will explore as you go.

Closely’s Most-Liked Features

  1. Lead Validation
  2. Browser Extension

G2 points: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

6) Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup’s LinkedIn email extractor tool blog banner

Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that allows you to automate tasks on LinkedIn. You can use it to find leads, connect with people, and send messages. Dux-Soup is a popular tool among salespeople and marketers.

This unlike others is not just a marketing, email extractor, or email finder tool, it is specifically built for LinkedIn.


  • Export data to CSV
  • Integrates with CRM


  • Hard-to-learn
  • Sometimes it gives you outdated data

Word around the street tells us that, it had some issues with LinkedIn in the past. However, users now enjoy cheaper prices and the advanced Dux-Soup LinkedIn email extractor feature.  

User review from G2 for Dux-Soup:

“I have been using this program for about five years now and have nothing bad to say about this product. Sometimes I don’t know how to do something, and it is a bit of a challenge figuring out how to do it, but if I had asked Tech support, they would have had the answer quicker, but I like to figure things out myself.”

Who should use Dux-Soup’s LinkedIn Email Extractor?

  • Dux-Soup is perfect for those who specifically work with LinkedIn. Great for B2B marketing/sales teams, entrepreneurs, and recruiters.

Dux-Soup’s Most-Liked Features

  1. Integrations
  2. The Dux-Soup API
  3. LinkedIn Email Extractor

G2 points: 4.3 points out of 5 stars.

7) LinkedIn Email Finder LinkedIn email finder tool blog banner‘s LinkedIn email finder feature helps you find and extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It is a web-based tool that is easy to use and can be used to extract email addresses from a large number of profiles. has a number of features that make it a powerful tool for finding and extracting email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.


  • Good for email outreach and lead generation
  • Easy-to-use


  • Accuracy of data can be wrong from time to time
  • Limited

It is not a con but users expressed their want about more integrations. While the platform is specifically for LinkedIn, people thought it would be better to see other social media integrations.

They also expressed their excitement about new leads! The majority of users say that helped them generate more leads, and increase their open rate for their email marketing campaigns. user review from GetApp:

“Skrapp makes scraping big lists of leads from LinkedIn quite simple. It’s also one of the most cost-effective tools I’ve seen on the internet. I also enjoy how I can look up someone’s LinkedIn page and then press the seamless button to get their contact information right away.”

Who should use’s LinkedIn Email Extractor?

  • Because of the price and limited social media integrations, we recommend to small businesses, HR teams and marketing teams that do most of their lead generation or promotion through LinkedIn.’s Most-Liked Features

  1. Domain Search
  2. Browser Extension

G2 points: 3.9 out of 5 stars.

8) AeroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder

AeroLeads LinkedIn email finder feature

AeroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder is a paid tool that offers a free trial, enabling users to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. 

It utilizes various methods, including web scraping by crawling the LinkedIn website to extract email addresses from HTML code. 

Additionally, it provides an API for more reliable extraction and a convenient Chrome extension that requires no technical expertise. The free trial allows extracting up to 50 email addresses.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Customizable data
  • Real-time filtering (with dates)


  • Could improve plugins and integrations
  • Lack in credit notification
  • Sometimes works slow

AeroLeads is a fast and accurate product. Generally users complained about not the product, but what the product could be. They threw some ideas, compared AeroLeads with industry giants and talked about new features that could be added. 

AeroLeads has a fun user base; everybody wants to work there, apparently!

What they loved? AeroLeads LinkedIn email finder feature of course. They loved the leads they got, the majority of the users expressed how AeroLeads LinkedIn plugin helped with the speed of the process while delivering quality, and some liked making the names bolder on websites. 

One user wrote “Aero for the win” on G2:

“Perfect for B2B and lead generation businesses. Data is accurate, and one can nurture and score leads easily. good to use the tool and easy to use. There are lots of benefits that we have got and have achieved our targets regularly. I would recommend this to all.”


One of G2’S high-performer award owners, is an email finder for LinkedIn. is not included in the listing because it is a relatively new and small company compared to other tools, and we don’t have many reviews to go by.

Trusted by 25+ recruitment and staffing firms in UK, US, and Singapore, it has a strong presence in the market already.

You can check out their website and go down below for a comparison between Longlist and other popular tools to see if it’s the one!


  • Easy-to-use
  • Can do personalized search
  • Customizable


  • Can be cheaper

People called a startup-saver. Let’s look at what they have to say!

Longlist user review from G2:

“I am a senior recruiter and I have used so many apps extensions but they always let me down, This particular extension has everything you need wow! Not much costly in fact I will say better than all the other extensions. I now don’t have to wait for the candidate to send me his data this extension is so amazing that takes all your recruiting problems away.”

Another happy customer of Longlist posted on Capterra:

“We are a small recruitment agency, and LongList so far has been fulfilling all our needs. It saves our time, energy, and budget. We do not need to buy a complex CRM system.”

GetApp user posted a comment for Longlist:

“I have been getting more candidate calls ever since I started using Longlist. Getting ahead on targets and fellow recruiters surely make you stand out.”

Who should use’s LinkedIn Email Extractor?

  • Startups! Nothing more to say…Startups. Users are generally from startups or solo entrepreneurs; they like it, we like it, and maybe you will like it too. Give a shot now!’s Most-Liked Features

  1. Mini CRM
  2. LinkedIn tools

G2 points: 4.9 out of 5 points.

So if the G2 points are this high, why is it not included in the list? Don’t get angry at us; it has a smaller review base. Yes, everyone is happy with what they got from, but user reviews are under 50 people.

Are LinkedIn Email Extractors Illegal to Use?

Email extractor tools can only extract email addresses that are publicly available. If an email address is not publicly available, it cannot be extracted by an email extractor. If you do try to extract a private e-mail, then it is illegal.

It is also important to use email extractors responsibly. Do not spam people with unsolicited emails. Instead, use the tool to reach out to potential leads and build relationships.

So when is too much?

  • Trying to extract private emails
  • Spamming/Harassing people
  • Sending out inappropriate emails
  • Using the tool for personal benefits

You can always manually find the emails. How? Let’s look.

How to Find Emails Manually from LinkedIn?

If you don’t like even the slightest bit of risk or if you don’t need tools for your business, then you can always try to manually collect them from LinkedIn.

You can:

  • Try to look for contact info if provided in their profile.
Buzz Aldrin’s LinkedIn profile that shows Contact Information

  • Ask them, maybe?
LinkedIn chat log with colorful text

It’s important to note that not everyone on LinkedIn has their email address listed publicly. If you’re unable to find the person’s email address using any of the methods above, you may need to give up.

How to find valuable connections?

Use specific search terms. The more specific your search terms, the more likely you are to find the person you’re looking for. 

For example, instead of searching for “marketing manager,” try searching for “marketing manager at Google.”

Use filters. LinkedIn allows you to filter your search results by location, industry, and other criteria. This can help you narrow down your search and find the people you’re looking for more quickly.

Cartoon depiction of LinkedIn Sales Navigator inside a frame

Use a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. A LinkedIn Sales Navigator account gives you access to more advanced search features, including the ability to search for people by email address.

Final Words

We hope that our list of the top 7 LinkedIn email extractors/finders for 2023 has provided you with valuable insights to find the perfect tool for your marketing needs.

When selecting an email extractor/finder, it’s essential to consider reading user reviews to gain insights into a tool’s features, ease of use, and reliability. Secondly, take note of tools that offer points that can be redeemed for additional features or discounts. Thirdly, opt for tools developed by trusted companies with a solid track record. Lastly, compare pricing plans to find the one that aligns with your budget.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, remember to explore our other blog posts for additional recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders?

LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders are software tools specifically designed to extract and find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and connections. These tools help users gather contact information for potential leads, enabling effective outreach and marketing campaigns.

Why would I need a LinkedIn Email Extractor or Finder?

LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders streamline the process of collecting email addresses from LinkedIn, which is a valuable source of professional contacts. These tools save time and effort by automatically extracting relevant email addresses, allowing you to build targeted email lists for sales, marketing, and networking purposes.

Are LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders legal to use?

The legality of using LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders can vary depending on the specific terms of service of the tool and LinkedIn’s policies. It is essential to review and comply with both the tool’s terms of use and LinkedIn’s user agreement to ensure lawful and ethical use of these tools.

How do LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders work?

LinkedIn Email Extractors and Finders typically operate by utilizing LinkedIn’s public API (Application Programming Interface) or scraping publicly available information from LinkedIn profiles. These tools employ algorithms and data processing techniques to extract and compile email addresses associated with the desired LinkedIn profiles.

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