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UserGuiding has been upgraded

v 3.0.0


v 3.0.0


Set order of components via drag & drop

Ability to use multiple components in a single row

New Component: HERO

New Component: BUTTON

Create Steps Using Templates

Display Step Templates

Set Modal Placement

Search Function for Guides & Hotspots

Filtering for Guides & Hotspots

Ability to manage Themes for Guides & Hotspots within the Extension

Change button alignment: left, center, right for Button Component

Change button styling: Roundness, padding, font size, width for Button Component

Set custom actions for Button Components: Go to URL, Next Step, Previous Step, Custom Step, End the Guide, Start a Guide

Set paddings surrounding components

Insert user attributes for personalization

Richer emoji options

Set max height for each image component

Set horizontal alignment of an image

Start a Guide on click to image

Go to URL on click to image

Set button roundness, height & font size of each Guide List item

Option to hide Guide List items if user not in the segment

Set background image for Hero Component

Set max image height for Hero Component

Display/hide preview navigation buttons [previous, next, done]

Easily navigate using horizontal tabs [Tooltip/Design/Advanced], vs vertical before

Add new step/hotspot without leaving the editor

Relocate element without leaving the editor

Navigate between steps/hotspots without leaving the editor

Ability to dismiss a hotspot: Once clicked, hotspot never shown to user again

Ability to start hotspot open

Add beacon animation to info/Question beacons

From Extension to the Panel Navigation

From Extension to the Help Center Navigation

Ability to view the ID of a Guide/Hotspot within the Extension

Highlight Animation management between steps on Guide level

Content Change Indicator on Save Button

Guide Navigation Component changed to Guide List

Ability to set the starting URL of a Guide (Flow Settings)

Click & Tooltip deprecated, Ability to set how should preview advance to next step [by clicking element or next button]

Setting font size is deprecated, block type changes font size now

Inline unlink button for texts containing links

Change text block type: Body, Header1, Header2, Header3

Hotspot Scroll Issue

Theme Application Overwriting

Linked text Display Issue


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