Your personalized user onboarding content, from 0 to LIVE in 1 hour

In this Webinar, UserGuiding’s Sales Manager Anas Duksi talks about how you can build a personalized user onboard journey for your users. Without coding.

For every SaaS company out there, there are lots of alternatives.

How many alternatives do YOU have in your software category in G2, Capterra, etc? If it’s not too much, wow! That means you are doing something very unique. And in late 2020, that’s really rare.

For the rest of us – that with at least 10 alternatives… We have to improve our product and offer unique value for underserved or overserved people out there.

And we have a very powerful weapon: Personalization.

Who doesn’t like that Facebook asks you “What’s on your mind, [your-name]?”

Watch our webinar and learn how to create a personalized user onboarding experience.


“The handling of UserGuiding was so simple that we could create fast, flexible, and individual training and guides in no time.”

Thanh Pham

“UserGuiding felt like a simple strategy that we could easily adopt for our solution.”

David Palmer

“I would recommend the tool to SaaS platforms that are looking to improve their customer education.”

Chris Gale