User Engagement

What is User Engagement?

User engagement refers to the interaction of users with a business’ product or service. The term is usually used as, however, the users being active.

Especially in SaaS, and engaged user is an active user that regularly benefits from a product.

Why is User Engagement important?

Creating engaged users and users who constantly interact with your is important in 2 ways, regarding 2 periods of a user journey:

  1. During onboarding: User Engagement during user onboarding directly affects conversion rates. If a user is engaged, active, and has been accomplishing tasks with your product while further educating themselves on it, they will be more likely to turn into a paid customer.
  2. Post onboarding: After onboarding, when a user is already converted, whether they are engaged or not might seem like much of a problem, however, it is. Having engaged users past-onboarding will be extremely helpful to especially SaaS businesses because the more a customer uses a product, the more likely they will be to buy it again in the future.

Also, having active users that engage with your product on a regular basis will help you acquire feedback about what you do and improve your services.

How can I improve User Engagement?

You can and must improve user engagement from the first interaction you have with a user.

First off, start with a great first impression. For example, the value proposition and the first landing page should be extremely well designed and well suited for each user. This helps create a positive feeling in users that will later result in linking with your product and business in an emotional way.

Then, when a user signs up or starts using the product, get them to the value you’ve promised immediately. If a user has to go through hours of training to get a simple amount of value, chances are they won’t be eager to come back the next time.

And lastly, always, always incentivize product usage. Whether it is through CTA emails that invite them to the product, or in-app messages that will raise awareness to the different functions of the product, you should keep your users at your toes and ready to achieve tasks.

Selman Gokce

Selman Gokce is the Senior Inbound Marketer of UserGuiding. He is highly invested in user onboarding and digital adoption, especially for SaaS, and he writes on these topics for the UserGuiding blog. When he's not writing, you can find him either listening to LOTR soundtracks while cooking or getting angry because he lost in a video game.