Product Adoption

A product needs to have regular users that can’t give up using it. This is achieved by having your users adopt your products which are done best during the user onboarding period. UserGuiding helps you improve product adoption by increasing activation and retention rates.

How you can use UserGuiding as a Product Adoption tool?

UserGuiding allows you to create product walkthroughs along with a few other features that you can use to design user onboarding flows. These flows help you increase your activation and retention rates. Regular users that keep engaging with your product are what you need for success. Therefore, product adoption is highly crucial.

UserGuiding offers you a code-free editor that you can create fully customizable user onboarding processes with. Product walkthroughs, in-app messages, user onboarding checklists are what you can provide your customers with using UserGuiding.

You can also benefit from the tool yourself. For our customers, UserGuiding offers a wide variety of features to keep track of their user onboarding. An in-built analytics tool is at your service to show you the performance of your guides to optimize them. An NPS feature that allows you to conduct NPS surveys and see your score to improve your product with. Also, a segmentation tool that you can use to group your customers based on their language, occupations, regions, and interests to offer a unique experience to each and every one of them. All these features allow you to improve your user onboarding process and therefore, your product adoption.

Why should you have a Product Adoption tool?

There is no way you can have a successful product without improving your product adoption. This whole process of improvement may be totally different for each product and company, therefore, you will need to do hours of research on what you need to be working at.

This work may consume a high amount of resources from your team as you will be required to create an in-source user onboarding process with an integrated analytics tool, not even mentioning all the other features that come with product adoption tools such as UserGuiding. Third-party digital adoption software like UserGuiding are code-free, actionable, applicable and affordable so that you can create your own user onboarding process that will help you improve product adoption in minutes all by yourself with no requirement of technical skills.

Which companies trust UserGuiding as a Product Adoption tool?

All of our customers trust UserGuiding as a product adoption tool. They try to optimize and improve their user onboarding processes by creating better product walkthroughs and analyzing the performance of these processes with our analytics tool to increase their product adoption rates.

Verilogy team was experiencing low retention rates and struggling with product adoption when they met UserGuiding. The first thing they did was to create a guide that led their customers to their “Aha!” moments, where the customers understood the value of their product. When they added checklists and feature highlights to the equation, they saw an immediate rise in their retention rates, their customers were adopting their product and using all features. Since its introduction to UserGuiding, Verilogy has increased product adoption by 80%.

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