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Peter Drucker says if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. An analytics tool helps you track and measure the success and the effectiveness of your products and services. UserGuiding offers a detailed analytics tool that helps you see how well your creations are doing.

How can you use UserGuiding as an Analytics Tool?

UserGuiding offers an in-depth analytics tool that provides you with data you need to understand what you are doing well and what you can improve. You can acquire statistics such as how many users viewed your creations, how many completed them and what the averages should be. This way, your work continues even after you have created and published your guides.

A detailed analytics tool helps you track the performance of a certain guide and compare it to others so that you can see what you are doing well and what you can do to improve the results you are achieving. Using the analytics tool UserGuiding offers, you can easily access all the statistics you need to make the necessary changes and create the perfect guide that will help you boost your conversion and activation rates.

Why should you have an Analytics tool?

As Peter Drucker’s famous saying suggests, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. When you do not have an analytics tool implemented, you are bound to experience a few adverse outcomes. First, you will start creating features and guides randomly. Since you will not have collected data that you can refer to when needed, it will be impossible for you to understand what your users require. Not having and idea about your users’ needs can have terrific conclusions. You need an analytics tool to develop an idea about what your customers like and need that you will use during the design process of features and guides.

Second, you will not be able to track the performance of your creations. Chances are, in any context, what you create will not be perfect at first. You will need to criticize it and deduce points that you must improve. You should adopt an analytics tool so that you can analyze the effectiveness of your creations and find and make the necessary improvements.

Which companies trust UserGuiding as an Analytics tool?

Almost all of the customers of UserGuiding adapt the analytics tool to measure their performance. Deeply analyzing user behavior helps these companies turn their products into self-explanatory and self-selling growth engines.

For example, Mobile Action started using UserGuiding to create product walkthroughs aiming to improve their conversion and activation rates. They created a few different guides that they liked the visual design of and published immediately. After some time, they have not seen any changes in the metrics they wanted to improve. Following the implementation of the analytics tool UserGuiding offers, Mobile Action realized that the created guides were not as appealing to the customers as they thought they were and were performing poorly. They have conducted various tests for the following weeks to perfect their guides and by optimizing their creations, Mobile Action acquired a 70% improvement in their conversion rates.

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