UserGuiding launches new Users Analytics Page: Advanced user segmentation and custom onboarding materials targeting

Another quarter, another big feature!

Today we’re launching Users Page, UserGuiding’s most advanced segmentation feature to date 🥳 🎉

From now on, you can build personalized in-app experiences, without the hassle.

Discover what users are doing in your product

The Users Page makes it super easy to segment users based on their characteristics and actions to trigger personalized guides, showing the right material to the right person, at the right time.

Filters you can pick from to group users include:

💻 Browser attributes: Operating System, Device, Browser, Language, etc

🌊 UserGuiding Materials: Guides, Checklists, Surveys, etc

🗣️ User Action/Events: Actions completed in your own tool

Personalized content at its finest

Segments you create can be leveraged to create personalized guides and other onboarding materials.

Think of some of the things you could build for your audience:

  • Specific guides for users who haven’t completed their onboarding after three weeks
  • Interactive tours for groups of users that haven’t tried a particular feature yet
  • Advanced walkthroughs targeted at users that have already completed prerequisite actions

You get the idea: the possibilities are virtually endless.

The Users Page is live now on your panel, and we’re excited for you to discover it and supercharge your onboarding with advanced targeting!

Head to UserGuiding now and get started 👇

Create custom User Segments and build Personalized Onboarding:

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Thierry Maout

Thierry Maout

Thierry is a product marketer and content writer with a focus on B2B SaaS, user onboarding, and automation.