6 Alternatives to Tourial for Better User Onboarding

How do you prefer to get on board with a new tool?

A) Interactive Guides

B) Video Walkthroughs

C) Interactive Video Walkthroughs

Yeah, C is a real option.

Some people just love reinventing the wheel…


So, today I’m going to be reviewing Tourial, a product storytelling platform. I will talk about:

  • What Tourial is, how much it costs, and how customers reviewed it,
  • Go over why you might need an alternative to it,
  • List the best alternatives and competitors of Tourial.

If you are familiar with Tourial, you can skip directly to the alternatives part.

Let’s get started with: 

What is Tourial?

Tourial is a Video Product Experience tool that can help you create interactive software demos.

tourial alternatives

Tourial places itself as a smart sales tool, helping you create product marketing content that actually helps to increase your growth rate. Here’s how it works:

👉 After you sign up for the tool, you should download the browser extension.

👉 Next, you activate the tool, and it captures your mouse movements and clicks, turning them into virtual product tours.

👉 But instead of helping customers get onboard with self-guided tours, Tourial generates ”self-guided tourials” which are interactive videos for sales purposes.

tourial pricing

If you need a video product marketing tool, and your sales team is happy with their demo flows, then Tourial can be a good choice since it’s one of the best outbound marketing tools.

And that is if there’s anyone left who didn’t switch to product-led marketing.

Tourial Pricing

  • Experience Plan: custom quotation for 3 tours and in-app support
  • Performance Plan: custom quotation for 10 tours and HubSpot integration
  • Growth plan: custom quotation for 50 tours and slack connect channel

Tourial Reviews

👍 Pros:

“I have been impressed by how easy the tool is to use and how seamless it works for our customers. Every SaaS company is going to have a product tour in the future. If you get on it now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.”

👎 Cons:

“It didn’t take long to get up and running building Tourials, but there are a few nuances in the interface that the team had to pick up. It’d also be nice to see some more insights around engagement.”

Why you need a Tourial Alternative

1- Steep Learning Curve

Even though shooting walkthroughs is easy with Tourial, the user UI is extremely complicated and difficult to get used to.

2- Outdated Approach

Tourial is a tool for software companies that still use outbound marketing – which are close to none. More and more digital products have already switched to either product-led or content-led marketing and Tourial isn’t really effective on that sense.

3- Not Enough Features

Tourial offers only one feature: creating custom product tutorials. Integrating such a product is a waste of time while there are an ocean of feature-rich products that offer much more.

Top Tourial Alternatives

Since you need much more than virtual product experiences for a complete product training, here are the top six alternatives to Tourial:

  1. UserGuiding
  2. Userflow
  3. Iorad
  4. Walnut
  5. Wyzowl
  6. Crumble

I’ll go over each tool, compare it to Tourial, and talk about which cases you should prefer them. So, without further ado, let’s start with our first product:

1- UserGuiding – No-code Interactive User Onboarding

UserGuiding is a no-code user onboarding tool that allows you to create the necessary onboarding elements and patterns,

beerorcoffee product tour
and in any language you want!

With UserGuiding, you can create product tours, tooltips, hotspots, in-app messages and announcements, user onboarding checklists, in-app resource centers, and more to complete your user onboarding experience.

What makes UserGuiding better than Tourial?

  • With UserGuiding’s advanced segmentation and customization tools, you can create unique experiences for each user.
onboarding segmentation
  • With its in-depth analytics, you can track the performance of your creations and optimize the necessary steps/elements for success.
userguiding analytics
  • And you can also integrate UserGuiding with your knowledge base on any platform, to provide your customers with all the resources they need without leaving your product.
grove hr resource center

UserGuiding Pricing

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $69/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $299/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides
  • Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies

UserGuiding Reviews

👍 Pros:

“UserGuiding provides an impressive feature set that can do more than it seems. From simple step-basis guided tours to almost seamless splash pages that look product branded.”

👎 Cons:

“Some basic features are still lacking (i.e., ability to change the background color for different tiles in a single step, more typography, select the position of the step on the screen, etc)”

UserGuiding also offers free migration services for your in-app content created using other software to minimize your switching costs.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts or start your free trial now:

Don’t Pay a Fortune for Other Tools!

UserGuiding starts from only $69/month.
Create tours, tooltips, and surveys without coding

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2- Userflow

Userflow is a no-code onboarding service that allows you to provide your users, employees, and clients an interactive onboarding process.

userflow vs tourial

Using the tool, you can create:

  • Interactive walkthroughs
  • Checklists
  • Tooltips and hotspots
  • And NPS surveys.

Userflow is known for its detailed analytics options. If you don’t want to adopt a seperate tool for analytics, and have a big budget to afford Userflow, it can be the tool you are looking for.

Userflow Pricing

  • Free 14 day trial (no credit card required)
  • Startup plan: $200/month when billed annually, includes unlimited flows, 1 checklist, and 3.000 MAU
  • Pro plan: $600/month when billed annually, includes unlimited flows, surveys and NPS, and 10.000 MAU
  • Enterprise plan: customized pricing, requires contact with sales

Userflow Reviews

👍 Pros:

“I like the simple way Userflow gives us to contact or guide users through complex processes and they can follow the steps to complete all the process by their own.”

👎 Cons:

“It’s kind limited due to the number of users you can track (if you’re a startup, but good for general use) and some features are very limited but it has potential.”

3- Iorad

Iorad is a tool that allows you to create step-by-step tutorials while you go over the process yourself.

iorad vs tourial

With Iorad, you can record both video and audio along with your screen. You can also add descriptions and heading to each step, an introduction, and an appendix if needed.

Moreover, Iorad lets you highlight or blur spaces on the screen to be more precise while creating the tutorial.

Iorad is a great tool if you need it for personal use, or else, the prices are too high for a tool that has one purpose only.

Iorad Pricing

For personal use:

  • Iorad is free for personal use.

For business use:

  • Starter plan: $200/month with an additional $15 for one additional creator.
  • Pro plan: $500/month with an additional $20 for each additional creator.
  • Company plan: $3200/month with an additional $40 for each additional creator.
  • Enterprise plan: custom quote for personalized needs.

For educational purposes:

  • Educators plan: $10/month for teachers and professors.
  • Institution plan: up to 80% off for school districts and universities.

For non-profit organizations:

  • Non-profit plan: up to 50% off for non-profit organizations

Iorad Reviews

👍 Pros:

“Easy to navigate, love the extension for Chrome that lets you quickly begin any tutorial, ability to edit is wonderful. Love the fact that the user can print out the directions if needed as well”

👎 Cons:

“Occasionally, the program will stall on certain web pages and has a few bugs that prevent click recording, which causes the user to have to re-do the entire tutorial.”

4- Walnut

Walnut is a sales demos solution, promising to make the sales process easier for remote sales.

walnut vs tourial

Walnut is quite similar to Tourial.

Unlike other interactive product demo tools, Walnut decided that sales reps should duplicate the tool’s UI, make some adjustments, and offer the replica as a demo to clients.

If this solution fits your needs, Walnut can offer more than Tourial.

But still, they are both outdated solutions.

Walnut Pricing

Walnut gives custom quotations according to your needs and doesn’t have fixed pricing plans.

Walnut Reviews

👍 Pros:

“The differentiator is the partnership grade support we are getting from the walnut team, helping us accomplish our goals and doing it quickly and elegantly”

👎 Cons:

“When we started using Walnut, we wanted a CTA at the end of the demo so that prospects would know what to do once they clicked through the whole thing.”

5- Wyzowl

Wyzowl is a video creation studio, helping you create a video gallery of customer onboarding demos.

wyzowl vs tourial

If you would like to create video demos for your product, Wyzowl would be the best studio to help you, since they specialize in onboarding videos and demos for the best customer experience.

Wyzowl is expensive, and it will also take a while to receive the end product, but this doesn’t change the fact that you have to go through the trouble to have a good quality video demo.

Wyzowl Pricing

Wyzowl gives custom quotations according to your needs and doesn’t have fixed pricing plans.

6- Crumble

Crumble is a jquery product tour plugin that relies on the grumble.js library.

crumble vs tourial

It helps you make speech bubbles on your website to describe the product’s functionality and educate consumers.

Crumble could be quite useful for simple products or single-page websites because it doesn’t give much but also doesn’t demand much.

It is fully free to use, and it takes less time to produce than open-source alternatives.

Crumble Pricing

Crumble is free to use.


Tourial might be original, but this doesn’t change the fact that the value doesn’t match the price.

Don’t put all your cards on a possibility, the possibility that Tourial can get better.

There already are tools that are better, simpler, and affordable.

UserGuiding also offers free migration services for your in-app content created using other software to minimize your switching costs.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts or start your free trial now:

Don’t Pay a Fortune for Other Tools!

UserGuiding starts from only $69/month.
Create tours, tooltips, and surveys without coding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Tourial?

Outbound marketing teams and software advisors can use Tourial to create interactive product demo videos.

How much does Tourial cost?

Tourial gives each customer custom quotations according to their needs.

What are the top alternatives to Tourial?

The best alternatives to Tourial are UserGuiding, Userlane, Iorad, Walnut, Wyzowl, and Crumble.

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