Is there any tool to make user guides for a SaaS product?

The main problem with SaaS products is retention. Because it’s based on subscription business model, you have to sell your product every month, not just once. And to keep getting payment from your customers each month, you have to make sure that they are using your product and keep getting value from it.

Fast-growing companies that are trying to reach product-market fit has 20% 8-week retention rate while the top SaaS companies have around 38%. The difference comes from the well-designed onboarding process in the first week.

Because you are asking specifically a SaaS user guiding tool, I’ll directly go into the features you should look for in these tools:

Users should be able to reach onboarding guides on-demand.

You don’t know when a user needs help. Immediate pop up when a user visit a webpage is generally considered to be a bad thing. Instead, user guiding tools should have an option to help users when they need.

Segmentation & custom attributes for users

When it comes to user onboarding, one size does not fit all. A user might have a different native language, might have a different traffic source, might be a different type of user in your websites with different permissions.

The user guiding tool should allow the SaaS owner to choose which guides will work for which segment of users.

Completion rates and step analytics of onboarding guides

How can you improve something if you don’t count it? For SaaS products, onboarding guides’ completion rates give you a great insight to see the effect of the tool, and where you still have room to make improvements for your UX.

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Want to learn how top product teams ensure that every new feature is a hit?

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Mert Aktas

Mert Aktas

Mert is the Marketing Manager of UserGuiding, a code-free product walkthrough software that helps teams scale user onboarding and boost user engagement.