9 of the Best Sales Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Your Sales Team in 2022

What are your goals for 2022 as the sales team?

Is it to have a successful business with an efficient team of salespeople who can close deals at the highest level possible?

If so, then it is time to invest in some new tools that will help you get there. 

In this blog post, I will introduce you to the top 9 Sales Tools that will help improve efficiency for your sales team in 2022

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Now, let’s get right into it!

1. HubSpot Sales(Free)

HubSpot is the sales enablement solution for you if you need a sales platform that can handle all of your sales processes.

HubSpot is currently regarded as one of the most effective sales-boosting products on the market – if you didn’t know that already. It has three different solution packages for you to choose from, depending on how serious you are about increasing your sales:

The free solution is a good place to start for your business if you want to increase sales.

The Sales Free version provides you with access to useful tools that can help you improve many aspects of your sales strategy, including live chat.

Before deciding on a sales strategy, many organizations want to learn more about their prospects. They’re in luck because this sales tool has a feature called decision-maker that can help them.

You may also look into user engagement with your company to get a better sense of what products and services people are interested in so that you can push them further into the market and produce more sales.

This sales tool is rather comprehensive because it contains many amazing features, created for every member of the sales team. 

And with the option to test it out for free, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

2- Freshsales

Freshsales as a CRM

A product of Freshworks, Freshsales is a great platform that focuses on reinforcing your sales process so that you can drive more and more revenue with ease.

As a CRM, Freshsales has many uses to it, starting from engaging your customers to reducing the efforts of the IT team when it comes to sales. How?

By automating your email marketing to advance the sales process, for example. Or it could be the AI-powered chatbots that will help you get in contact with your customers in the blink of an eye. Or perhaps it is the insights that you get regarding the deals from Freddy AI to find the best deals. This isn’t it, of course. Here are some of the outcomes you get, thanks to the features that Freshsales provides you with when used as a CRM:

  • Attracting quality leads,
  • driving deals with AI-powered insights,
  • nurturing customer relationships,
  • automating the sales process,
  • forecasting sales via reports,
  • pipeline management,
  • built-in email, phone, chat, and many more.

Don’t forget to benefit from this tool as it offers a 21-day free trial!

3- eWebinar

eWebinar is one of those must-have sales tools if you want to deliver personalized, engaging sales presentations without being there live. With eWebinar, you don’t need to hold live sessions or stress about low attendee rates due to time zone differences. People can sign up for a demo, workshop, or webinar whenever they want, wherever they want, at a time most convenient for them. 

And with their live chat feature, sales teams can answer attendees’ queries through chat and overcome objections—at a moment of peak interest—that lead to a trial, sale, or personalized demo.

If an attendee asks questions when you’re not there, you can respond via email when you’re available. 

Other features include: 

  • Polls and survey questions integrated to increase engagement
  • Customizable and branded landing page templates that convert
  • Email notifications that work out of the box (pre-written) 
  • Prompts for attendees to leave their phone numbers, email, and answers to qualifying questions 
  • Automated post session follow-up emails

eWebinar automates your best sales presentation without giving up the 1-1 interaction that makes live webinars so effective. 

4. Hunter

hunter.io saas sales tools

Hunter offers a suite of tools that allows you to automate your sales outreach and easily connect with people that matter for your business.

Hunter crawls the web and indexes publicly available professional email addresses. The data is easily accessible via a simple user interface to find the right person in a company or find how to contact already identified professionals. You can use the following tools for email lookup:

  • Email Finder – to find the email of a specific professional if you know their name and company.
  • Domain Search – to find all people working for a specific company, you can filter results by the department; all you need is a website domain.
  • Author Finder – to find the author of a specific article, all you need is the article URL.

Besides that, you can easily automate the whole outreach process with Hunter by verifying the emails you found in the app and setting up simple and powerful cold outreach campaigns.

Key Hunter features include:

  • Email lookup
  • Email verification
  • Cold outreach automation

The free plan includes 25 free email lookups and 50 email verifications a month. Paid plans start at $49/mo.

5. Acquire

Acquire tool for sales team

Acquire is a broad customer engagement platform that includes all the digital tools need to provide the best possible sales experience. In other words, it is the best customer communication platform available for all types of organizations – big or small.

Secure co-browsing, AI chatbots, live chat, and HD video calls are just a few of the features. 

This cutting-edge live chat software enables your customer service staff to resolve complex sales tasks and real-time support issues across many channels.

You can optimize all of your digital client engagement statistics by measuring them efficiently with the help of Acquire’s analytics tool. This customer data tool can help you gain a better understanding of your whole customer experience.

It allows you to be customer data-driven by giving you a deeper insight of your customers.

While using the live chat software, you can use Acquire Analytics to acquire detailed information about your customers’ profiles.

When we’re talking about customer engagement, analytics can also help you track all aspects of customer engagement in one place. Robust chat analytics, chatbot reporting, knowledge base stats, and agent performance are all included.

This amazing software allows you to:

  • Connect with website visitors and learn about their needs
  • Qualify leads by gathering information via lead-gen forms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Customer support in real-time using the all-in-one live chat software
  • Target chats to specific segments
  • Get a 35% increase in sales conversations
  • Get 87% increase in website conversions

To top it all, Acquire can be used to collect contact information from potential clients 24/7.

This important data helps the company to get more leads.

6. Spotio 

SPOTIO tool for sales team

SPOTIO is another solution for sales reps, managers, and operations.

Using 50+ prospecting data elements, the platform assists salespeople in quickly identifying qualified leads across territories.

SPOTIO also serves in the automation of time-consuming tasks, the optimization of sales routes, and the engagement of sales opportunities across multiple channels – email, text, calls, visits, and so on.

All of this is tied together by the platform, which provides reps, teams, and organizations reporting on key sales activities and top-line metrics including pipeline health, win/loss rates, and revenue.

SPOTIO recently conducted a study of over 900 customers to learn more about how their software influenced team productivity and revenue. The research showed a 23% boost in gross revenue, a 46% increase in productivity, and a 14% decrease in expensive rep churn.

Pretty convincing data, I think.

SPOTIO’s sales tool comes with a large number of features, including:

  • Reps can easily locate hundreds of qualified sales prospects in their territory by using Lead Machine’s 50+ data points.
  • Managers can create sales territories based on a variety of factors, including geographical areas, buying history, and pipeline stage.
  • Create a sales route map based on a variety of factors.
  • Granular sales reporting and leaderboards are available.
  • Integrates with hundreds of CRMs.
  • Managers can keep track of reps in the field to make sure they’re covering the right territory and doing it efficiently.

As for the pricing, the SPOTIO paid plans are starting at $39/month per user. Add-ons are also available.

7. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat tool for sales team

ProProfs Chat should be your go-to option if you’re looking for a tool that helps your sales team understand the goal of visitors on your website and start a chat with them at strategic times.

ProProfs’ live chat software helps your company identify visitor intentions, communicate with them in real-time, and quickly classify sales-qualified leads.

With live chat triggers and eye-catchers, it even helps you engage with your website visitors faster.

Aside from these, there are a number of other benefits to using the tool, including:

  • With a simple integration process, capture qualified leads for your business in real-time using the pre-chat form feature. 
  • Store captured leads and operator conversations with them automatically 
  • With the help of CRM connectivity and the Announcement function, your sales staff can identify upsell chances, allowing them to close more sales faster.
  • Your sales team can also obtain in-depth insights into how satisfied your visitors were with their services through using detailed reports, which can help them enhance the quality of future conversations.

8. ToutApp

toutapp tool for sales team

You can use ToutApp to set sales targets for your team to convert more sales leads into actual customers.

The ability to create a “pipeline playbook” is one of the tool’s strongest features, among many others. Throughout the sales process, this keeps you and your team on the same page (linked to a single contact with all of the information)

This feature also provides different options for improving your pipeline. 

These are:

  • Emails and phone calls are better integrated, allowing the entire team to stay in regular communication with one another, making it easier to discuss strategy and schedule meetings.
  • Better sales campaigns that allow all sales reps to be more consistent in achieving their objectives and keep everyone on the same page with complete transparency.

This application also allows you to track all of your emails, websites, and documents, allowing you to have a better understanding of your client’s engagement across all social media platforms and other forms of communication.

It also includes a feature called “Share Campaign with Team,” which helps you to share your work with your peers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that there is no miscommunication. 

An ideal feature for a sales tool, isn’t it?

9. Salesforce

Salesforce tool for sales team

Salesforce is another one of the most popular sales tools on the market. It offers a large number of integrations and is very customizable.

Salesforce helps you to track your activities by creating very thorough and insightful reports.

Team activity and progress can also be tracked by the management. A customizable dashboard allows you to build a “Bookmark Bar” with frequently used tabs for faster navigation.

Salesforce’s search feature is also excellent, allowing users to search across the whole Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.

I must also add that the key to any business solution or software product is getting the workforce to learn about it and incorporate it into their regular routines.

As a result, practice and training are essential.

Salesforce is great for quick evaluations and confirmations of pending prospects, as well as for its flexibility to customize the data based on the salesperson, deal size, account, and industry vertical.

With the Salesforce sales tool, you get:

  • Customer information tracking
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Deliver social experience
  • AI-powered cloud app
  • Create sales funnels
  • Active customer support 24/7
  • AI-powered cloud app
  • Create sales funnels
  • SMS, MMS, and group messaging
  • Ability to create the 1-on-1 customer journey 

All in all, I think the product is simple to set up and, best of all, it comes with a cloud (SaaS) version.


The importance of a sales team is undeniable.

But, with the rapid pace at which technology changes, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest developments that might help your business grow and improve efficiency.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite tools for 2022 so you don’t have to do all the research yourself!

I hope you’ve found this list of the top sales tools helpful, and I wish you less churn, higher revenue, and amazing rates!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Sales Tool Kit?

A sales toolkit is the compilation of tools that you need to be able to educate or train someone about your sales department.

What are the best sales tools for startups?

HubSpot, being an undeniable tool, especially for startups, it is not the only one that you have to stick to. Freshsales, Salesforce, Acquire, and others that are listed in the article will help your sales team (or you) throughout your journey a lot.

What are sales enablement tools?

Sales enablement tools are the necessary tools and information that your sales team needs to be able to close more sales deals.

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