Top 12 Project Management Courses and Certifications in 2023


  • There are many online project management courses available at different ranges of price points with certification opportunities.
  • The rise of agile project management frameworks and generative AI plays a huge role in shaping the industry. Therefore, investing in online courses with these focus points might be more beneficial for your career.
  • Tools like streamline project management and workflows and make team alignment easier.

The world of project management is expanding, with many client projects added daily. Having a product vision and different project management methods under your belt have become essential skills in high demand across various industries.

Considering that today’s projects require collaborating on complex products and scopes, team alignment, and innovative frameworks, experienced project managers are highly sought-after; an annual salary for project managers is usually around $95,000.

That’s why online project management courses and certification programs are so valuable – they offer the opportunity to develop and enhance your skills, giving you a competitive edge in the job market with a wide range of learning materials, practice questions, and practice exams for certification programs.

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or new to the field and need a comprehensive overview to manage agile teams, we believe there’s a course or project management certification to help you reach your career goals and boost your job prospects. By investing in your leadership and management development, you’ll be better equipped to lead successful projects, collaborate effectively with your team, demonstrate a firm understanding of your company’s goals, and achieve your objectives.

So, let’s get started and explore the exciting world of online project management courses and certifications in 2023 together!

Top 12 Project Management Courses and Certifications in 2023

1- Project Management Institute (PMI) – Project Management Professional (PMP) 

From beginners to the most advanced managers, the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s Project Management Professional is recognized as the first pick for demonstrating your competency and proficiency in the industry. Whether to level up your career or to take the initial step in a project’s subject matter, PMI gives you the project management skills that will capture the employers’ attention with various learning materials, agile techniques, and entirely online training.

PMP as a project management course

The Project Management Institute’s PMP syllabus includes agile, predictive, and hybrid techniques to determine which approach fits best for each project, considering client requirements and budget limitations. It also highlights the business environment, its impact on organizations, and user experience and motivates teams in every phase of the project so you can be successful.

To get the Project Management Institute’s PMP certification, you must meet the required eligibility criteria, including but not limited to holding a four-year degree, 35 PMI contact hours, 36 months of leading projects within the last eight years, and 35 hours of project management training on CAPM® certification.

You must also pass the 180-question certification exam and test your real-life risk management scenarios and product vision.

We recommend this online training course if you want to set yourself apart with your leadership skills and methodologies as a project management professional! Your project management certification will be valid for three years.

2- IBM – Introduction to Project Management

IBM’s Introduction to Project Management is perfect for project managers who are warming up to the industry and want to learn the essentials of project management and marketing on the subject matter at their own pace. The course is available through Coursera, which offers a wide range of project management certifications and programs on project and product management with free and paid options.

IBM's project management course

In this course, you will learn new concepts and practical techniques for your job prospects and development, gain a foundational understanding of the essentials of project management tools and subjects, deliver projects on time, boost your job prospects by developing job-relevant skills, and earn a shareable certificate to use on your CV.

3- Practical Project Management for Managers and First Time PMs

Are you an experienced project manager who wants to take your career to the next level, one of the first-time project managers looking to boost their job prospects or someone who wants a career in project management and needs to develop practical skills? See an overview of project management that will skyrocket your efficiency in the workplace. Mike Clayton’s online training course on Udemy is what you need!

Udemy's project management certification

Beginning from the fundamentals of managing a project team, detailing the comprehensive overview and approaches to reduce project risks, to tackling complex projects that require different delivery and planning stages and commentary of project management experts, this online project management course will help you stay in control, establish a sustainable framework for your agile teams.

You will have access to video lectures, articles, and downloadable bonus materials and get a certificate in project management upon completing the online training.

4- Project Management with

Want to earn a project management certificate, improve your leadership skills, and help your project team and client projects better for free? LinkedIn Learning offers a crash online training course on, a cloud software for project management that covers the essentials of project management for team leaders and agile practices so you can deliver your projects on time and enjoy bringing your product vision to life.

Project management course for

Using will help you streamline your workflow by bringing all the elements effective project managers need, such as social media campaigns, recruiting, creating and editing tasks, marketing, bug tracking, and more, without needing months of experience.

User-friendly and fit for automation, provides an excellent foundation for your digital project management plans and improves user experience with agile methods and practical skills.

The project management software that will actually work for your team

Manage simple to complex projects and everything in between with

5- Google – Agile Project Management

Online project management courses can be great, especially for first-time project managers. However, most courses overlook the agile techniques and agile project management frameworks essential for effective management. That’s why Google’s Agile Project Management course is one of the best options!

Google's project management certificate

This course teaches you how to coach a team and help them overcome challenges. You will also discover the pillars of Scrum and how to set up Scrum events for each team. These agile methods will introduce new values and principles that will take your project to the next level. Your progress will be evaluated by various assessments and quizzes. Time commitment is essential with this online training.

6- Agile PM 301 – Mastering Agile Project Management

If you want to blend traditional and agile practices in your project management education to create an adaptive approach for complex products, then this course by Chuck Cobb is the right fit for you!

Project management course on Udemy

Top companies like Volkswagen, Nasdaq, NetApp, and Eventbrite recommend this course for their employees, so you don’t need to look at other online project management classes! In this course, you will better grasp Agile techniques and Agile practices and how they interact with traditional ones.

Additionally, you will learn how to make shifts in thinking about project risks as an effective project manager and deliver your projects on time by operating successfully in Agile.

This course comes with 72 downloadable study tools, three articles, and a certificate of completion.

7- Oxford Home Study College – Project Management Short Course

As a beginner, you may be determined about your career path but may not want to invest in hours of project management courses at first. Small steps are perfectly okay, and Oxford’s short course gives you a comprehensive overview of project management!

Project management certification of Oxford

In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of your role as effective project managers and will gain the skillset to navigate your project’s cycle. This free course also comes with a certificate of completion and will boost your CV!

8- Cornell University – Project Management Certificate Program

Suppose you trust your previous experience as a project manager but want to improve your skills and learn new agile skills and value management. In that case, you should consider Cornell University’s Project Management Certificate Program!

Cornell's project management certification

In this course, you will earn 50 hours of project management towards your Project Management Professional certification and Cornell University’s certification exams. You will be introduced to hands-on tools to drive your project to success with a professional development unit designed with proven techniques and agile methods.

You will share your classroom with fewer than 35 students, and the classes are entirely instructor-led, which makes the program very flexible. You can finish the course and earn your certificate by studying 3-5 hours a week!

By enrolling in this course, you can also access an online study group for PMBOK review with other students and other downloadable study tools.

9- Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

With the rise of agile methods and project management frameworks, it is more important to adapt to these techniques to become better team leaders who facilitate change and adopt a people-oriented approach.

Scrum Alliance's project management certification

Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills as agile team leaders and guide the process of building projects. Scrum Master is aimed at individuals who want to gain an in-depth understanding of team accountabilities and events and drive your product team to apply Scrum principles with a wide range of tools and learning materials.

You must have a basic understanding of Scrum, in addition to completing a two-day in-person Certified Scrum Master course (16 hours), passing the CSM exam, and accepting the License Agreement to obtain the certification and become a Scrum Master!

10- IBM – Project Management Capstone

Looking for an advanced online training course, gain a certificate in project management from skilled professionals in the industry, and become a project management expert? Look no further! IBM’s Project Management Capstone course will help you demonstrate end-to-end agile projects, enrich your knowledge of the subject matter, and provide an in-depth understanding of your professional development.

IBM's project management certification

In this online training, you will also streamline your project planning process using Scrum and Sprints, create a work breakdown structure, network diagram, quality and communications plans, and a risk register.

11- LinkedIn Learning – Leveraging Generative AI for Project Management

ChatGPT, Google Bard AI, Jasper Chat, and many more… The surge of a wide range of generative AI tools, with their supporters and critics, has swept our lives like a wind. Some fear them, some love them. But most importantly, many users find them helpful in taking their business to the next level.

The project management industry is no different. AI will not replace you, but to be effective project managers, it has become the staple of many agile teams to deliver projects on time and gain an in-depth understanding of new knowledge areas.

If you want to contribute to your professional development uniquely, LinkedIn Learning’s course might be the best fit for you!

LinkedIn's project management certification

In this course, you will learn why AI matters to project management, leverage AI for product development and time management skills, and make building projects more effortless. At the end of this course, you will learn to integrate tools for leaders into your product management process.

You will also earn a free certificate of completion, which you can share on LinkedIn and add to your CV.

12- PRINCE2® 6th Edition

PRINCE2 Foundation offers a project management method similar to Scrum Masters. In this 6th edition to become a Prince2 practitioner, you will be introduced to a wide range of project management methods that you can apply to your career path, meet the minimum requirement for leading client projects, and use time commitment to your advantage by analyzing your product vision and improving user experience.

Prince2's project management certification

In this online training course, you will put your knowledge into practice as a Prince2 practitioner. A wide range of modules are available, such as business organization and a wide range of project management methods. You will also learn about the Prince2 Foundation methodology, its seven processes, and themes.

You will get access to a wide range of project management learning materials, follow the skilled professionals’ advice on the subject matter, and eventually, become a project management expert and Prince2 practitioner yourself.

  • Price: $1,176.00 with practice exams available from Prince2 Foundation. A certificate in project management is valid for three years.
  • Duration: 12 months (approximately)
  • You can attend the Prince2 Foundation’s in-class lectures or online classrooms.
  • Click here to learn more about the course.

Final Words

Getting a project management certificate can be an invaluable investment for your career. Whether you want to learn the basics of project management or take your agile projects to the next level, online project management classes can help your journey.

We listed the top 12 project management certifications for you. You must choose the one that fits your needs, qualifications, and plans for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PMP still worth it?

Project Management Institute’s PMP certification is still worth your time and money as it is recognized as the best option for demonstrating your skills and professional development.

What is the most popular project management qualification?

Agile project management frameworks like Scrum and Prince2 Practitioner stand out regarding skills. For certifications, PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP), LinkedIn Learning’s Project Management with, and Google’s Agile Project Management on Course offer the most diverse and practical skills that demonstrate a comprehensive overview of project management.

Is the PMP exam hard?

PMP is an online degree that requires you to take a certification exam at the end. Although many think that the PMP exam is difficult, by committing to the course based on your availability, you can pass the exam easily as you will be given various materials.

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