How to Merge Contacts in HubSpot?

Hello Guys, It’s John Ozuysal here.

HubSpot is fun when you use it with a team. So in this article, I am going to show you how you can merge your favorite contacts into one.

But first, let’s go a bit over what Hubspot is:

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is one of the leading customer relationship management platforms on the market, offering great value to small businesses and enterprises alike.

With HubSpot’s different hubs for customer service, sales, and marketing, you can align all your business efforts and customer relationships under one roof.

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Contacts in HubSpot

The “Contacts” feature acts as the base for many of Hubspot’s different features, including email automation, workflows, sales hub, and customer service/support features.

Also, with the relevant information, these contacts can be segmented and analyzed through custom reports and dashboards that can provide numerous insights to you. However, keeping this “Contacts” section clean is a challenge on its own.

It is natural for multi-member teams to create multiple contacts for the same customer/user, but the solution is easy; merging.

What happens when you Merge Contacts in HubSpot?

When merged, two contacts become one, the primary one being the contact you clicked “Merge” on.

The email of the primary contact will stay as the primary email while the other email is added as the secondary email. The create date for the contact will be the one that’s the oldest in both the contacts and all the “Number of” fields will be added together.

HubSpot is highly convenient when merging especially because the changes in the fields are well-thought-of.

How to Merge Contacts in HubSpot

  1. Go to the Contacts dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Contact that you want to keep as primary.
  3. Click Actions above the contact name for the dropdown menu, proceed by clicking Merge.
  4. From the menu that will pop-up, select the Content you want to merge with your primary one.

And that’s it!

Also, here’s the video for a detailed explanation:

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