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How to Remove Someone From a Slack Channel?

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    Home / How to / How to Remove Someone From a Slack Channel?

    Slack is a fun team communication tool that can actually give you the vibes of a real office full of people you love, especially after the launch of their "Huddle" feature.

    But as we all know, fun tends to disappear if there is someone we don't want in the room. 🤨

    Or, you might just want to organize the Slack channels of your workspace to make sure everyone stays focused on their own targets.

    In either case, the question "how do I remove someone from a Slack Channel?" pops up very often, which I'll answer in this article.

    Why Would You Need to Remove People from a Slack Channel?

    As I've said just now, you might have team members and employees that are present in channels that they have no relevance with.

    This can create some challenges on your end as an executive/team manager, on the end of the person who's in the wrong channel, and on the end of the people that actually belong to the said channel.

    First off, you would have a hard time figuring out who's participating in a project/task, and finding out who's responsible for what.

    Secondly, the person who's on the wrong channel would be swamped with irrelevant messages and notifications that might disrupt their focus.

    And lastly, the people that actually are active on that channel can hold back on the necessary communication, because the channel is too crowded and not all the people in it are related to the topic.

    So, removing someone who shouldn't be on a Slack Channel should be a no-brainer.

    What happens when you remove someone from a Channel?

    When you remove someone from a Slack channel, two things happen.

    First off, there will be an automated message in the channel suggesting that the person was removed by you, but it won't create a notification for all the people in the channel.

    Secondly, the person who's removed from the channel WILL get a notification saying they were removed by you.

    You'll need a viable explanation in case people ask why you've done it. If you got it, there shouldn't be any problems.

    How to Remove Someone from a Slack Channel?

    1. To remove someone from a specific Slack Channel, you should first click and open the said channel.
    2. Then, click on the element that displays the number of people that are in the channel alongside their avatars on the top-right corner of the app.
    3. From the small screen that will be displayed, browse through the channel members to find the person you want to remove, or search their name through the searchbar to find them.
    4. Click on "Remove" that is located parallel to the avatar and the name of the person you want to remove.
    5. Click "Remove" once again on the dialog screen, and you're done.

    Here's a video walkthrough in case you want to see it done step-by-step:

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