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How to delete a card on Trello?

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    Home / How to / How to delete a card on Trello?

    Hello there,

    We all love Trello, that’s for sure!


    Sometimes it is not so easy to get through some of its features. Thinking about how many questions I got concerning how to delete a card on Trello both my colleagues and the people around me, I wanted to find a way out of this situation.

    I found a two way solution for this problem. 

    First, here is a written guide on how to delete a card on Trello:

    How to Delete a Card on Trello

    1- Click on the card to open.

    2- Select “archive” from the right bottom corner.

    3- Once you archive, you will see the “delete” option.

    4- Confirm that you want to delete the card.

    An alternative and better guide showing how to delete a card from Trello

    As I said, after receiving a lot of questions about how to go through the process, I had to find a way out.

    And eureka! I thought the best and easiest way would be creating an interactive guide using UserGuiding. 

    This is much easier and more efficient. It saves a lot of time as you don’t have to physically be there and no one has to search for a written guide. Any time someone asks me how they can delete a card from Trello, I send them this video and it saves us both much needed time.

    In the video below, you can see the interactive guide that I created for walking people through the steps of deleting a card from Trello. I also wanted to show you how you can create a similar guide using UserGuiding.

    As someone with zero technical background, I could easily create this walkthrough with UserGuiding. Whenever someone asks me how to delete a card in Trello, I just send this video immediately.

    If you want to create guides without coding, sign up from here and surf and guide your users with us.

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