How to delete a board on Trello

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We all use Trello, it is a wonderful tool but sometimes it can be quite tricky to figure out some of the features.

My colleagues were asking me how to delete a board on Trello? Every time someone asked me this question, I had to go over to their desk and show them how to delete a board on Trello. Instead of doing this repetitive task, I told myself, “Hey, we are an onboarding company, so why am I not using UserGuiding to create a tutorial on the topic?

Before the video, I would like to share a written guide with you.

How to Delete a Board on Trello

1- Go to your “Boards” page.

2- Click on “view closed board” that is at the bottom of the page.

3- Select the board you want to delete.

An alternative and better guide showing how to delete a board from Trello

After I had so many question from my colleagues, I wanted to come up with a better idea than a written guide.

And as I was thinking…

A light bulb appeared on my head, and then comes the “aha” moment, and the result is the video created below.

As someone with zero technical background, I could easily create this walkthrough with UserGuiding. Whenever someone asks me how to delete a card in Trello, I just send this video immediately.

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