How to activate dark mode on Notion

Hello fellow surfers!

Notion is the dopest tool ever, but sometimes it can be quite tricky to figure out some of the features.

My colleagues were asking me how to learn the forces of the dark side, sorry (too much Star Wars) I mean how to turn on the dark mode on Notion? Every time someone asked me this question, I had to go over to their desk and show them how to turn on dark mode. Instead of doing this repetitive task, I told myself, “Hey, we are an onboarding company, so why am I not using UserGuiding to create a tutorial on the topic?

A light bulb appeared on my head, and then comes the “aha” moment, and the result is the video created below.

Let’s all activate the Dark Mode and feel the power of the dark side!!!!

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Can Ozuysal

Can Ozuysal

John is the ex-Growth Manager of UserGuiding, a code-free product walkthrough software that helps teams scale user onboarding and boost user engagement.