31 Home Office Essentials for the Remote Worker

I used to think that it was my unfortunate fate to bear and live with my backache…

I had made my choice to become a remote worker, and I couldn’t change the conditions that had come along with my job. 

But then I realized there was no need to become that dramatic. Come on, pff. 

home office essentials

That’s how my friends took me to get the right furniture and other home office essentials for my office space – more of a cozy little corner, to be honest, but that’s not the point here. 

But then again, who has the time to go to tens of different stores for each and every piece of furniture/product? No one. 

Thus my remote worker pals with postural and/or organizational problems; here I present the ultimate essentials list for your home office setup – all with Amazon links! 

From ergonomic chairs and office desks to stationery, monitors to wireless headphones and mouses, and desk lamps to organizers, you can find anything to make you happy and productive at home!


One of the most common health complaints of remote workers is backache.

Some claim that it passes if you stand up and walk a little during your break. As someone with first-hand experience, I can say that it actually doesn’t. The relief of a 10 mins walk continues only for half an hour.  In the end, you start begging to get a massage – which also doesn’t really solve the problem but only eases the pain…

You cannot solve a problem if you do not eliminate the cause of it.  

You need to renew your furniture.

But trust me, it’s worth the cost. 

1. Mimoglad Ergonomic Office Chair

Mimoglad Chair


➕Flexible headrest and armrests. 

➕ Environmentally friendly, breathable native foam. 

➕Easy to assemble. 


➖ Poor quality arm padding.

➖ Squeaky while rotating and/or leaning back. 

➖ Though adjustable, the lumbar support is not adequate. 

This adjustable chair fulfills its promises: adjustable and easy to assemble. One disadvantage, though, it’s not a very sturdy chair that you can use for many years. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

2. NOBLEWELL High Back Mesh Computer Chair 

Noblewell Chair


➕ Durable mute casters. 

➕ Comfortable and ergonomic design. 

➕Adjustable headrest and armrests.


➖ Itchy and uncomfortable mesh.

➖ Cheap feeling. 

➖ Thin padding. 

The best part of this product is that it enables you to adjust almost every part according to your needs. It supports your back, neck, and arms just properly! Though some say it feels cheap a little bit, this chair is one of the best deals you can get on a budget.

Do you wonder how I’m so sure about it?

Because it has Amazon’s choice label on it!

Buy it on Amazon now!

3. Amazon Basics Padded Desk Chair


➕ Durable faux leather.

➕ Provides good support.

➕ Affordable price. 


➖ Doesn’t have neck support. 

➖ Armrests are not adjustable. 

➖ Hard to assemble. 

This budget-friendly padded office chair offers comfort and style at the same time. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to pay a lot for a chair but also want to have a soft, well-padded chair. 

Though adjustable parts provide good support to arms, neck, and lumber, sometimes all you want to nestle into a comfy chair. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

4. Homieasy L-Shaped Computer Desk 

Computer Desk


➕ Adjustable leg pad for uneven floors. 

➕ Reversible shelves. 

➕ Anti-scratching, easy-to-clean desktop. 

➕ Professional customer support in case of any problem. 


➖ Hard to build; instructions are not clear enough. 

➖ Smaller than it seems in the pictures. 

It’s hard to find a desk that is sturdy, stylish, and practical with lots of shelves. And this one even fits into the corner!

I should’ve known I’d fall in love with it once I saw it has Amazon’s choice label on it. 

Though some state that due to the complex instructions, they had to reassemble the desk a few times, there are also many people who found it easy to build it in the first try. So I’m leaving the decision up to you here. 

Buy it on Amazon!

5. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

Standing Desk


➕ Electric lift system with dual motors and sturdy steel. 

➕ Under desk keyboard tray. 

➕Locable swivel casters. 

➕ Desk hooks for headphones, bags, and/or jackets. 


➖ Expensive, compared to other desks. 

➖ Parts are heavy, making the desk hard to build. 

➖ Go down & up functions works slowly. 

Though it’s not a totally new design or technology, standing desks have become a trend in the last few years. They’re on Amazon recommendations, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels. Basically, everywhere!

Although we can solve the postural problems caused by working at a desk for long hours by changing our chairs, unfortunately, there are many other problems caused by inactivity and long-duration sitting. 

But on the other hand, there’s too much work to do. It’s hard to leave the desk during busy office hours, even when you’re a remote worker.

Here comes this desk. 

Start working from your comfortable chair, continue with a brisk walk in the middle of the day, then turn back where you were. And while doing all this, you don’t need to quit your busy schedule; just adjust the table height! 

Buy it on Amazon!

6. SHW Height Adjustable Workstation



➕ Great for dual/external monitors. 

➕ Sliding drawer for books, files, and other office supplies. 

➕ Strong steel mechanism. 


➖ Edges are not rounded -might be a problem if you’re clumsy. 

➖ Some customers state that it’s hard to raise the mechanism when there are 2 monitors.

➖ It doesn’t descend completely to the desk level. 

A fully adjustable electric desk can be expensive, and you might not have the space for it. 

But it doesn’t mean you cannot have a similar work experience. 

Just go for an adjustable workstation! 

You can put it on your existing desk, and voila, you have a standing desk. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

Monitors & Tablets 

From one tab to another, check the information, copy it from one page, and paste it to the other one. Get the data from one app and enter it into the other one. 

Endless switching… 

It’s so easy to get lost between tabs and apps for a remote worker. 

If you want to increase your productivity and decrease the workload of a digital work environment, you might want to invest in an external monitor and/or a tablet. 

7. Samsung 23.5″ Curved Computer Monitor 

Curved Monitor


➕ Wide viewing experience. 

➕ Fast response time (4ms).

➕ With Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology, high picture quality. 


➖ Extra warranty costs too much (it comes with a 1-year warranty).

➖ Hard to remove the stand. 

This curved monitor offers vivid colors and realistic pictures while it’s still easy on the eyes. While being ergonomic and stylish on the design part, it doesn’t sacrifice performance. 

Moreover, you can have a unique gaming experience with AMD FreeSync; no more blurry or juddering images. 

Buy it on Amazon!

8. Asus ZenScreen 15.6″ Portable Monitor 

Portable Monitor


➕ Thin and light design. 

➕ Embedded tripod socket.

➕ Works both in portrait and landscape mode. 

➕ Comes with a Zenscreen Sleeve. 


➖ The USB cable that comes with the product is short. 

➖ Connection issues with Mac computers. 

➖ Brightness problems. 

Whether due to the lack of space or mobility reasons, you might want to go with a portable monitor that is easy to carry around and/or remove once you’re done with it

If you don’t want to have a bulky external monitor that takes up too much space on your desk, but in the meantime, your laptop screen feels too small and inadequate to work with, this Asus monitor is perfect for you. 

Set it up during conference calls/virtual meetings and remove it when unnecessary. 

The comfort of having an external screen but only whenever and wherever you want

Buy it on Amazon now!

9.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ 

Galaxy Tablet


➕ Sturdy metal frame.

➕ Long-lasting battery.

➕ Clear and sharp images. 


➖ Limited accessories (cases, etc.)

➖UI lags sometimes. 

If you prefer tablet computers over external/portable monitors, you might want to check Samsung’s this model. 

It offers the high performance that you normally wouldn’t expect from a tablet within a budget. 

Also, it has a fast-charging USB-C port, so you can stay connected to your zoom meetings or other video calls. 

Buy it on Amazon!

Computer Accessories

Okay, we’ve covered the basics. But it doesn’t end there, right?

We still need a wireless keyboard, a mouse, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and for laptop users, a durable stand. 

So let’s continue to our list. 

10. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo



➕ Reliable wireless connection. 

➕Ambidextrous mouse design. 

➕Spill-resistant keyboard. 


➖ Some users didn’t find the place of “Shutdown PC” hotkey practical on the keyboard. 

➖ The set isn’t compatible with the Unifying Reciever

This set offers a keyboard with relatively quiet keys and a rather small frame, as well as an ambidextrous mouse that doesn’t take up too much space for an affordable price. 

Buy it on Amazon!

11. Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard



➕ Full-sized, split, and curved keyframe.

➕Pillowed wrist support from stain-resistant fabric.

➕ Customizable F-keys.


➖ Takes up too much space. 

➖ The wrist support holds onto oil and sweat very easily, depending on usage. 

Logitech ERGO offers comfort, practicality, and compatibility all at the same time. 

Though it’s a rather big keyboard, the support it provides is worth it. Trust me; your wrists will thank you within a few days. 

Buy it on Amazon!

12. Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse



➕ Connects up to 3 devices.

➕ Customizable button. 

➕ Customizable design (right-handed/left-handed options, as well as 3 colors)


➖ Expensive. 

➖ Stiff scroll wheel. 

➖ The rubber part gets dirty easily. 

This wireless mouse promotes a better posture for your forearm and relaxes your upper body with an ergonomic design. 

You can connect it to your device(s) via a USB receiver or Bluetooth. 

An important note here, this model is only for small to medium-sized hands; if your hands are larger, you should check Logitech MX Vertical.

Buy it on Amazon now!

13. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Trackball Mouse


➕ Supports Logitech Unifying Reciever.

➕ Works for up to 18 months with a single AA battery. 

➕ Ergonomic design.


➖ Cheap, plastic feeling.

➖Trackball is slow and has poor precision. 

This one is for those who don’t like to move their hands in order to move the cursor.

Don’t you have enough space to move a mouse freely? Do you like to work from a sofa or your bed but also don’t like using the touchpad?

No problem, M570 got your back. 

Though the performance of a trackball is a hot topic, you might want to try and see it for yourself. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

14. Sennheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation

Sennhesier Headphones


➕ 30-hour battery life with USB-C fast charging. 

➕ Ergonomic over-ear design.

➕ Bluetooth 5.0.

➕Built-in Alexa. 


➖ The padding on the headband is not sufficient. 

➖ Sometimes, connection problems occur when it’s connected to 2 devices simultaneously. 

➖ Some users state that the ear cups are small.

This headphone is by far the best of all time for me. 

No, not only because it’s amazingly beautiful, of course, hah. 

It offers a very clear and neat sound experience with its built-in equalizer and active noise canceling (ANC). Also, the 30-hour battery performance makes it the perfect companion for any event or travel. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

15. Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones



➕ Fast-charge.

➕ Dual noise canceling technology. 

➕ Touch sensor controls for changing tracks, adjusting volume, and taking calls. 

➕ Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

➕ Includes carry case. 


➖ Heavy -might put too much pressure on the jawline. 

➖ Touchpad is too sensitive. Some users state that you might change the track accidentally while trying to scratch your head.

Are you one of those people who like to cut off their ties with this world while working? 

People who fly to other realms with music in their ears.

If that’s the case, this headphone might be for you. With dual ANC, you can totally break off from the environment and focus on your job. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

16. Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Beats In-Ear


➕ Sweat and water-resistant (IPX4).

➕ Up to 8 hours of listening time.

➕ Comfortable design, doesn’t fall off during a workout. 

➕ Decent ANC. 


➖ No wireless charging. 

➖ The case feels cheap and gets oils easily. 

Some prefer the portability of earbuds over giant headphones, and they have a point. Put the little case into your pocket, and you’re good to go anywhere. 

Beats Studio Buds fulfills its promises perfectly: it has a suitable and comfortable design for an active workout, and it’s water/sweat-resistant.

Also, it provides a unique sound experience with ANC and Transparency Mode.

Buy it on Amazon!

17. Soundance Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand Sundance


➕ Compatible with 10″ to 15.6″ notebook computers.

➕ Anti-slip protection. 

➕ Various color options. 


➖ Not adjustable. 

➖ Wobbles if you rest your arms on the keyboard and/or put too much pressure on it. 

With Soundance laptop stand, you can relieve the pain on your neck, improve your posture and increase your computer’s ventilation performance by providing space for airing. 

Buy it on Amazon now!

Desk Accessories & Workspace Organizers 

As well as having high-quality and practical products, it is very important to place these products in a useful way and organize your workspace.
Otherwise, leaving everything on the table as it is can lead to distraction and decrease your productivity.

In this part, we will talk about must-have desk accessories such as desk lamps and mouse pads; and desktop organizers such as drawers and paper trays. 

18. AFROG 3rd Gen Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp


➕ 100W wireless charging.

➕ 7 brightness levels, 5 color options -including night light. 

➕ Adjustable design. 


➖Occasionally, the light turns off. 

➖The blue led on the body part of the led, which stays on all the time, is too bright and might be annoying for some users. 

The best part of this lamp is that it has a timer, which you can set for 30 mins and/or 1 hour. You don’t have to worry about forgetting the lights on anymore. 

Also, this modern-looking lamp comes with 12 months warranty in case of any technical issues. 

Buy it on Amazon!

19. Brightever Desk Lamp

Brightever Desk Lamp


➕ Adjustable head. 

➕ Comes with a bulb. 

➕ Touch control.


➖ A little bit unbalanced -the head is heavier than the base. 

➖ Sometimes, the bulb flickers. 

This one is for those who cannot give up on the classical desk lamp design but are looking for additional modern touches. We see a touch control panel that adjusts the brightness level and a USB port for easy charging. 

Buy it on Amazon!

20.  Nordik Leather Desk Pad

Desk Mat


➕ High-quality vegan leather. 

➕ Water-proof and easy-to-clean design. 

➕ Mouse-friendly.

➕ Lifetime satisfaction guarantee. 


➖ Relatively thin compared to the other alternatives available in the market. 

➖ Little bit expensive. 

The beauty of simplicity… 

This desk pad offers style and quality at the same time. It has different colors and back material options. Also, it comes with a gift-ready tube! 

Buy it on Amazon!

21. HOPONY Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad


➕ Ergonomic design.

➕ Memory foam technology.

➕ Smooth covering.

➕ Tens of design options. 


➖ Curls up easily. 

➖ Colors are not as vivid as the pictures. 

This ergonomic mouse pad not only supports your wrist but also makes you happy when you look at it -at least, it made me happy when I saw all those birds and trees 🌲🌲

Check it on Amazon!

22. SOUNDANCE Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Wrist Rest


➕ 100% memory foam. 

➕ Wrist and arm support. 

➕ PU anti-slip bottom.


➖ Bigger than other mouse pads -might be a problem if you have a small desk. 

➖ The cover feels scratchy. 

If your arm and/or wrist pain didn’t pass, no matter which mouse you tried, you might want to try a different mouse pad design. 

This SOUNDANCE ergonomic mouse pad doesn’t only support your wrist but also rests your arm and helps to maintain a more healthy hand position while using a mouse.

Check it on Amazon!

23. Outwolf Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer

Monitor Supporter


➕ Strong and durable iron plate. 

➕ Drawers are easy to pull out. 

➕ Well-built and sturdy design. 


➖ The drawers get stuck if you put too much stuff in them. 

Notebooks, sticky notes, planners… 

Most of us actually use many office supplies. And most of the time, as they’re the quick solutions to emergencies, we keep them on our desks. 

This monitor riser solves 2 vital problems. 

1- It raises the monitor to eye level, relieving neck and back pains

2- It keeps the desk organized, keeping the stationery we often need right in front of our eyes and within reach. 

Buy it on Amazon!

24. YOOUSOO Under Desk Drawer 

Under Desk Drawer


➕ Smooth slide-out. 

➕Strong adhesive. 


➖ Cheap plastic feel. 

➖ Cannot keep big and/or heavy items.

This under-desk drawer might seem like a simple product, but I really love the idea of -almost- invisible drawers that -almost- do not take up any extra space. 

This product is like Hermoine’s magic beaded bag. 

Put your sticky notes, pens, highlighters, earphones, etc. 

It’s perfect for small desks with no drawers. 

Buy it on Amazon!

25. Edooi Monitor Memo Board

Memo Board


➕ Easy to install. 

➕ Durable acrylic material. 

➕ It has clips on top for non-sticky note papers. 


➖ The adhesive is not strong. 

This memo board is for those who like to leave notes for themselves. You can put your to-do lists, meeting notes, or even shopping lists on it.

They come in two pieces (left and right) with tapes on them. 

Be careful during the installation process in order not to damage your screen. 

Buy it on Amazon!


Let’s first clear something: stationery is not just pen and paper; it’s a life philosophy. 

With the right combination of stationery supplies, you can increase your productivity and work performance -as well as your motivation for work.

They add personality, joy, and beauty, as well as practicality to any place.

“Who are they?”, I hear you asking. 

Let’s get acquainted with planners, notebooks, and fountain pens without further ado. 

26. ZICOTO To-Do List Planner

To Do List Planner


➕ Strong and sturdy rings. 

➕ Back pocket for extra notes and papers. 

➕ Water intake and meal trackers.


➖ Pages might look complicated and messy for some. 

➖ There’s no free page dedicated to months. 

Are you tired of losing your sticky notes and ending up forgetting important calls to make? Then it’s time to get a to-do planner. 

With this planner, you can categorize your tasks in accordance with their emergency and/or importance, take quick notes, and even get motivated with inspirational quotes.  

Buy it on Amazon!

27. Peachly Desktop Weekly Planner 



➕ Binder-friendly tear-off pages. 

➕ Additional sections for trackers, notes, and general to-do lists.


➖ Columns are small and narrow. 

The best aspect of this desktop planner is that it doesn’t restrict you to weekdays only. It offers extra space for notes and habit trackers. 

Buy it on Amazon!

28. LeStallion Leather Journal 

Leather Journal


➕ Extra thick ivory paper.

➕ Anti-bleeding pages, suitable for fountain pens. 

➕ Built-in table of contents. 


➖ Hard to lay flat. 

➖ The paper feels scratchy.  

This high-quality leather journal offers a one-of-a-kind writing experience with 120gsm wide ruled paper for those who like using fountain pens. 

There are also many color options. 

Buy it on Amazon!

29. Rhodia Rhodiarama SoftCover Notebook



➕ Bleed-proof pages. 

➕ Italian faux leather hardcover. 

➕ Various size and color options. 


➖ Expensive. 

With this product, Rhodia does not compromise on its quality. The bleed-proof dotted pages are perfect for those who like to take notes with colorful pens with different tips -a.k.a. bullet journal fans. 

Though it’s more expensive than other dotted journals available in the market, the meticulous design and little touches, such as the smooth ivory pages, well-glued spine, and rounded corners, pay off in the end.

Buy it on Amazon!

30. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen


➕ Ergonomic grip. 

➕ Lightweight and comfortable design.  


➖Doesn’t come with a refill. 

➖Some users say that the plastic body doesn’t look as elegant as the pictures. 

Lamy Safari is one of the best budget-friendly fountain pens.

If you want to try a fountain pen but do not want to make a big investment because you are not sure whether you will like it or not, you can buy this product without hesitation. 

It has a  decent and stable nib, as well as a recessed grip, which ensures an effortless writing experience. 

Buy it on Amazon!

31. Waterman Allure Fountain Pen 

Fountain Pen


➕ All metal body -stylish and elegant!

➕Durable steel nib. 

➕ Balanced and easy to hold. 


➖Doesn’t come with ink as stated. 

This Waterman fountain pen is perfect for those who want a simpler yet elegant fountain pen. 

It has a solid metal construction, finishing with a matte coat, which prevents the pen from slipping off your hand. 

Also, Waterman, unlike most fountain pen manufacturers, offers color options in pastel tones.

⚠️ If you already have a bottle of ink that you use for another fountain pen or that you bought before, you need to buy a converter to use it with this pen.

Buy it on Amazon!


Working from home does not mean working from bed. And it’s also not easy as pie -contrary to popular belief. 

There are so many distractions, so many factors you can’t control. 

Therefore, in order to increase your work efficiency and work motivation as high as possible and to keep yourself healthy, you need some equipment that will both meet your physical needs and help you to complete your tasks smoothly. 

Most of the products in this list are either the best sellers in their categories or Amazon’s choices. So you can prefer them with peace of mind. 

Don’t forget, investing in yourself is not wasting money. 

Have a nice shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have in my home office?

Here’s a list of home office essentials:

  • High-speed internet
  • A comfortable chair and a desk
  • Computer/external monitor
  • Wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphones
  • Laptop/monitor stand
  • Stationery (planners, notebooks, pens, sticky notes, paperclips, stapler, etc.)
  • File organizers/ cable organizers 
  • Cable converter
  • Desk lamp

How do you lay out a home office?

While choosing your furniture and placing them, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you do not block natural light. 
  2. Go for ergonomic designs that don’t only appeal to your style but also prioritize your comfort and health.
  3. Be careful with colors. Do not choose colors/furniture that will darken the room or bore you.
  4. Try to maximize storage space. 
  5. But also do not cover all the walls and place with shelves and boxes. Leave some free space. 
  6. Invest in new technology. 
  7. Add little personal touches to make the place nicer. 

How can I make my home office cozier?

With dozens of files, additional monitors, printers, and other office supplies, it wouldn’t be so extraordinary and surprising for an office to become dull and boring. Nevertheless, people still want the place they spend hours in every day to be cozy and comfy as much as possible. 

Here are the little touches you can add to achieve that: 

  • Use warmer lighting. 
  • Hang a painting and/or frame and put your favorite photos around the place. 
  • Add some green: buy indoor plants that are easy to care. 
  • Hide unnecessary cables that make the place look like a spaceport. 
  •  Change the air with smells. You can try scented candles and/or aromatherapy oils. 

How do I liven up my office space?

You can get little colorful accessories and/or go for fundamental changes in the room if you can.

  •  Get little pillows to put on your chair(s).
  • Hang artwork on the walls.
  • Buy chocolate boxes and candy jars for your desk. 
  • Create a playlist for your office and leave it open. 
  • Design a coffee station/corner. 

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