Only Digital Adoption Platform You Need in 2023

You probably have a reason to be searching for a digital adoption platform.

And I’d like to tell you that you may have found the one.

Digital adoption, whether aimed at employees or customers, is a difficult challenge. A digital adoption solution is designed to make this process easier.

And when you do, the benefits are countless.

You can jump straight down to the software suggestion, but I’d like to go over the main challenges in digital adoption first to help you understand how exactly a digital adoption software can help you.

Digital Adoption Basics to Check

There are two kinds of digital adoption:

Employee and Customer.

Let’s take a look at each one of them to see the main points.

Employee Digital Adoption

Adapting to adopting:

To successfully achieve digital adoption, you have to make sure your employees are ready for it.

As easy as it sounds, it involves some hardships. If you are lucky, your employees are technologically aware people who look forward to enhancing their everyday work performance.

But there is still the chance that even though they are great workers, some of your employees will prefer the old school way. At that point, it is all about getting rid of the stigma that technology is hard.

It helps you, people. Get over it.

The right software:

Most software that is used in business environments has massively complex interfaces, just for the sake of having different features in the same software.

However, since they go the “quantity over quality” way, many companies use different tools for different tasks. This basically means employees have to deal with a couple of different and complex software, which not only hinders digital adoption but also puts a needless burden on the employees’ back even under normal circumstances.

Optimize your software today, your employees deserve better than that!

Proper training:

You managed to change your stubborn employees’ mindset, optimized your software, but there’s one more step.

Without proper training it’s hard to succeed, also it is a matter of time that your employees lose the mindset that they just acquired. So, make sure to provide the right training on how to fully use all software. That means you need to provide each employee with their personalized and preferred type of training for them to adapt to the digital adoption easier.

Get them excited for the training, at the end of the day all training means self-improvement.

Customer Digital Adoption

The tutorial problem:

Your product walkthrough HAS TO BE good.

A bad walkthrough is the main pain point of digital adoption. A good in-app tutorial or software walkthrough cannot be too long, too short, too formal, too informal or too boring.

No biggie, right?

However, that’s not the end of it. Most of the time users (including myself) prefer skipping tutorials.

To avoid this from happening and have your customers use all possible features, you must be a little sneakier when it comes to tutorials. For example, get rid of the whole format, keep it short but not skippable, or throw in a video tutorial. The possibilities are plenty, just make sure they know your features.

The Engagement Problem

“Your onboarding is done, you can go and we won’t ever bother you”

said no product owner ever.

How are you supposed to push upsells, increase retention, and improve feature adoption if you don’t interact with users?

There is no doubt that establishing an active bond between you and your users is vital in turning them to fans of your product.

Best way to do so?

Hit ’em when they are in the app wandering around. In-app messages will do the job nicely.

Quality support:

Say, you have a customer that skipped the walkthrough and hated the in-app message so much didn’t even read it.

They are craving for human interaction, they don’t like automation.

To help them, there’s one primary rule: let them know you can.

The support button has to be visible to the customer at all times. You can’t magically realize they need help, so let them tell you they do and help them properly.

Once you make sure they can easily ask for help, the other step is providing help. If your employee digital adoption is successful, the employee will not only know what to do but also do it for the customer themselves.

Keep in mind that the customer does not have to have a problem to ask for support, they may simply need another walkthrough. For such situations, employees need to know the customers’ interface as well as their own.

Support wins customers back, make sure your team is solid!

The Digital Adoption Solution for you

You have probably come across WalkMe(the pioneer of digital adoption platforms) or some other product in your search.

But I want to tell you that UserGuiding might be the digital adoption software for you.

Simply put, UserGuiding (an affordable WalkMe alternative) can improve your user and employee onboarding process to offer better results.

Would you prefer a smidgen of collegiate-sounding industry verbiage? 


UserGuiding dramatically speeds up the onboarding process while making it substantially more effective, delivering delightful-educational UX at scale for happier customers and boosted revenue growth. Polished, professional, and personalized in-product adoption of new features and much more through a user-friendly solution.”

In other words, everyone’s happier and getting what they want quicker!

digital adoption platform onboarding

Let’s switch gears and take a brief look at three ways UserGuiding accomplishes all this, and possibly offers a solution to the challenges we have mentioned.

#1 – Display value proposition in no time

Rather than a long boring stroll through your feature-garden, UserGuiding instantly puts them at the helm of core value (with interactive real-time guides, and on-screen support a click away).

The sooner they understand the value, the sooner customers in finance, retail, transportation, etc., can fully deploy their new systems

For example, you can’t experience an entire museum in one glimpse, but you can ‘get the gist’ in seconds through a savvy digital walkthrough. 

If you are not convinced yet, here’s the reason why you need an interactive product tour.

#2 – Personalized and Perfected Experiences with Segmentation and Analytics

The average user bails from a new software application within a few minutes after signing up.

(Scary and unreal fact, I know…)

Or, for B2B applications, without inspiration, a typical marketing manager forgets what they were doing and goes on a YouTube tangent… in the time it takes to get cheap crackers from a vending machine. 

To keep new users glued to the values and benefits, UserGuiding allows you to first personalize and curate their experience with segmentation.

And later, you get to examine the performance of every element you have created and their parts, to make the necessary improvements with UserGuiding’s in-depth analytics.

So that you can create unique experiences for each user that are optimized using real data.

#3 – A Quick Route to ‘Aha!’ Moments with Various Onboarding Elements

Sure, you have to first find your aha moment.

That’s something a digital adoption platform can’t do for you.

But it has the rest taken care of.

After you find your aha moment, you can scheme a path to it and push users to that point with UserGuiding’s many features such as:

The perfect and complete onboarding experience that leads to aha moment plays the biggest role in digital adoption, you have to avoid overlooking!

Achieve Digital Adoption without Coding – Try UserGuiding for FREE

digital adoption software aha moment

UserGuiding as a Digital Adoption Tool: Use Cases

Let’s see how you can actually use UserGuiding in real-life to achieve digital adoption:

#1 New Employees for Huge Website Businesses

Imagine you’re the product manager for a HUGE e-commerce website in the American fitness industry. 

Your platform is a symphony of processes and details coming together to sell products and grow. What happens when new employees need to jump into the fray and begin making changes, onboarding new vendors, creating/editing new product pages, adding blog content, etc.?

It can be a nightmare.

Because one of the biggest hassles for e-commerce startups to manage. By digitally adopting a proper UserGuiding system, the issues become a new source of strength. 

  • In-Product messaging can lead directly to quick & easy, yet curated walkthroughs. 
  • No wrong buttons pushed or big mishaps that cause coding issues to unravel.
  • Suddenly even the greenest intern can charge right in and make necessary changes. 

#2 Improving New Feature Adoption Rates

How about this, you’ve been building out your SaaS for years and the feature list is substantial.

It’s incredible!

It’s half a mile long!

Initially, your onboarding processes worked well, but lately new and even experienced users are falling off or COMPLETELY missing new updates and features. 

  • They aren’t getting your in-product messages and emails; automated and personal.
  • For those that do, they’re resistant to what seems to be another layer of complexity. 

Here’s the question, how much value would an effective UserGuiding process be if it improved user adoption of new features by say, 48.3%? 

And what if it does this in a way that makes users actually HUNGRY to discover more and incorporate more of your software using your walkthroughs, in-product messaging, highlighting functions, incorporated video, and more.

Powered By Hyper-Specific Behavioral Data From Users

What good would user-intuitive walkthroughs and exceptional onboarding solutions be if you couldn’t capture user data? How about customer feedback and interactive real-time help software solutions? 

  • Get illuminating stats on how well your UserGuiding creations are performing. 
  • Compare guides, optimize what you need to, get into the nitty-gritty of contextual help.
  • A segment where your guides go, smartly group adopters by a large assortment of different metrics, and make it easier to serve your users.


What makes a digital adoption platform, or any platform to be honest, is the accessibility of its value.

And that means it has to be simple enough to be utilized by anyone in your company, without the need for coding. Most digital adoption platforms fail to do so.

UserGuiding, with various features to improve onboarding, user segmentation, and in-depth analytics; strives to be a decent no-code digital adoption platform.

The question is, is it the right one for your business?

See for yourself, Try UserGuiding for FREE!

Join 10,000+ teams creating better experiences

14-Day Free Trial, with an extra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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