Top 22 Contact Management Software You Need in 2023

Managing your contacts must be in your top priorities no matter what kind of bısiness you have. In the end, your contacts will help your business grow. So you should treat your contacts right and ensure that they get the best services and products.

Your communication with your contacts will play a key role in retaining your customers or converting potential buyers into customers.  

As the number of your contacts grows, it will be harder and more challenging to manage and track your interactions with them. This is why you should invest in contact management software. 

Contact management software allows you to store all of your contact info, keep track of your business deals with lesser effort while making effective sales decisions and simplify the process of lead qualification and sales outreach.

In this article, I will explain what contact management is, its functions, and benefits, compare it with CRM, and list the best contact management tools in the market in 2023.

Let’s begin!

What is a Contact Management Software?

what is a contact management software

Contact management software is a tool that stores your contact information with your customers and prospects while keeping track of your interactions between your business and your contacts. For example, the information could be the phone numbers, addresses, social media handles, emails, sales history, linked businesses, and so on. 

With contact management software, you can filter and organize your customers by title, industry, or connection with your business to create specific customer groups. This would help you work more closely with your customers and prospects and improve your sales team’s performance.

In addition, you can track your interactions with your contact and manage your communication with them using the contact management software. Many contact management software offers you integrations with other tools; you can use the software for multiple purposes and increase its usability. For example, you can integrate it with your calendar to plan your meetings or calls get notifications for when it’s time to contact specific prospects and customers. l

Contact management software has general features such as automation, dashboards, analytics, and integrations. 

Firstly,  marketing automation allows you to save time, which is very precious if you’re running a business nowadays. Spend your time focusing on more important matters such as development and designing your website. Contact management software automation helps you to avoid doing repetitive tasks such as storing customer information and tracking communication.

Secondly, CMS comes with an interactive dashboard to catalyze the process of managing a huge amount of customer data. As a result, you can easily track customers, make a sales pitch at the right time and increase your sales.

Of course, CMS comes with analytics and reporting features. Tracking your effectiveness is as important as tracking your interactions with customers. These features in contact management software help you control your sales processes effectively and make better decisions. CMS can also show email replies and social media comments and also analyze sales calls.

And last but not least, you can use contact management software with different tools to increase your productivity. For example, integrations help you to ensure that your processes and interactions are visible. You can also use different tools to track time so your teams can work more efficiently.

All these features are packed in contact management software, but you might wonder, although there are CRM tools that offer the same qualities, what is the difference between contact management software and CRM tools?

Don’t worry; I got you covered.

Contact Management Software vs. CRM Tools – what’s the difference?

contact management tools

To understand the difference between these two types of tools, you have to understand the difference between the terms. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it covers all the processes, strategies, tools, and technologies used for acquiring, retaining, and managing customers.

The keyword is “relationship.” Sales CRM software has features that assist teams during every step of building the relationship between the business and the customer. Sometimes these features can include the features of CMS as well.

So it depends on what your business needs. If a contact management software has the features to meet your business needs, it would be enough; you won’t need to spend money on the complete CRM. You can use one tool to manage your contacts and catalyze your communications. 

Don’t forget that although CRM software can be beneficial for any business, it’s significant for the larger companies with many contacts, data, and interactions to track since CRM software stores all information related to their customers, prospects, and vendors. However, investing in contact management software makes more sense for small to medium businesses with a manageable number of contacts and interactions.

Here are the best contact management tools in 2023:

  1. Pipedrive
  3. Freshsales
  4. Bigin
  5. Keap
  6. HubSpot
  7. Pobuca Connect
  8. Salesmate
  9. Bitrix24
  10. Capsule
  11. Nimble
  12. Really Simple Systems
  13. Nutshell
  14. Copper
  15. Contact Boss
  16. Daylite
  17. EngageBay
  18. Contacts
  19. Freshworks
  20. Nextiva
  21. ZohoContact manager
  22.  Streak

1) is a work management software that allows you to manage all your business contacts in a single place so that your sales teams won’t miss any leads and stay at the top of their game. 

The software has contact cards that give the full context of your contacts. They list tasks, documents, activities, and deals. Basically, everything you need to know is right in front of you.

With, you can:

  • Track the activities of your contacts.
  • Find the best leads that will accelerate your business growth
  • Ensure good customer service by providing your contacts with what they need.
  • View your team’s performance to take the right steps to improve their performance with the help of multi-purpose dashboards.
  • Integrate with other tools you use to streamline your work processes, such as contact management and calls. is a secure, and scalable platform that can help your business to work more efficiently.

The project management software that will actually work for your team

Manage simple to complex projects and everything in between with

2) Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a contact management platform that allows you to track emails, contact history, calls, everything on a single platform, and have a visible schedule at your hand. In addition, the tool helps you form an unlimited contact database and companies while showing you the entire timeline of your contact history.

With Pipedrive, you can manage sales conversations, and automation allows you to receive emails related to contacts and deals. It’s also easier to make calls with the tool since call recording and tracking features.

In addition, with Pipeline:

  • You can set up meetings and determine the time with the other party.
  • You can prepare and schedule tasks and activities to save time and effort. 
  •  You can send trackable proposals contracts and receive notifications when someone opens the document you’ve sent.

Furthermore, Pipedrive has some other features including contacts map, file attachments, customizable signatures, reports and insights, integrations. 

3) HubSpot

Hubspot is an entirely Free CRM and contact management tool that will help you to manage all your contacts with no hassle. You can easily add contact records with one click and record sales activities automatically.

With Hubspot, you can:

  • Keep all your contact records and update them automatically without extra effort.
  • Manage everything on a single page without traveling between multiple platforms to view contact details, meetings, communication history, activities, etc.
  • Integrate with other tools like Outlook and Gmail and access your contacts’ emails. 

HubSpot’s extensive list of features will help you to work efficiently and make more sales. If the features in the Free-forever plan aren’t enough for you, you might also consider a paid plan which includes lead and pipeline management, company insights, email tracking, email templates, Instagram and Facebook lead ads management, forms, contact activities, conversations inbox, and so on.

4) Freshworks CRM

Freshworks is a CRM and contact management system that helps you manage and nurture your contacts in order to create strong and lasting relationships with customers. It automates contact data entry for you and provides 360-degree views of individual customers.

Freshworks tracks sales activity and manages sales tasks and appointments. The CRM allows you to place calls or send emails without having to leave the tool. You can integrate with Google Workspace to access Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and more all from Freshworks.

5) Zoho Contact Manager

Zoho Contact Manager is a very easy-to-use contact management software. It allows you to create the main address book for your contacts and view any communication you have with your customer or prospects.

Whether it’s emails or tasks, you can reach all of them on one single platform. It also has tools that will streamline the process of applying the information your team members gathered during your business processes. 

The tool has a free version as well as paid options for big businesses that offer more advanced features and flexibility. 

6) Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM software that also refers to itself as contact management software. After all, it offers the whole package. 

You can track your communication with contacts, improve customer engagement, work on long-lasting relationships with your customers, and store all of your data in one place with Freshsales. Also, your database will include details of your sales and marketing contacts. 

With Freshsales, you can:

  • Develop strategies and prepare campaigns to increase the number of conversions with increasing engagement rates. 
  • Provide your team with all the essential information so you can avoid communication problems within your teams.
  • View customer engagement chronologically. 
  • Check website and email activities.
  • Improve your sales productivity and speed up sales prospecting.
  •  Manage the sales teams and enhance your team efficiency by prioritizing prospects, converting email listings to contacts, and providing an overall better experience.

7) Bigin

Bigin defines itself as CRM software for small businesses. So if you’re a small business owner looking for software for contact management, it’s a great option for you.

Bigin helps you to manage your customer relationships smoothly and easily by providing all necessary and essential information, including activities, tweets, emails, and more, so you can store, view, and use all your data in one secure place.

With Nigin, you can:

  • Engage with prospects by using web forms to receive visitors’ details, sending and receiving emails, and tracking every interaction with the prospects. 
  • Manage pipelines with customizable deal stages and workflows to avoid repetitive tasks and follow-ups.
  • Get notifications to keep up with your team members.
  • Use dashboards to view the sales pipeline from a wider perspective. 
  • Use the mobile app to work on the way as well.
  • Integrate Bigin with your phone system to manage calls by providing phone numbers for the team.

8) Keap

Keap is a client management software that helps you optimize customer experience and enhance growth by managing your contacts and organizing every process smoothly. The software delivers an automatic lead capture feature that allows you to keep business contact lists through landing pages, social media profiles, and lead forms and manage them so you won’t lose any leads.

Keap allows you to view and manage everything in one place and take quick actions whenever it’s required. With Keap, you can also:

  • Access contact details from the desktop and your mobile phone with Keap’s mobile app. 
  • Tag and segment contacts easily to enhance the automation process based on customer data or activity.
  • Migrate your previous business contact lists from Constant Contact and MailChimp easily.
  • Integrate third-party tools, such as HelloSign and Shopify, and sync contacts with one click. 
  • Set reminders and get the conversion reports to make better and quicker decisions.

Keap can help you grow your business by converting more clients with its excellent features such as CRM, email marketing, lead capture, automation, text messaging, invoicing, payments, appointments, and more. 

9) Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect is a contact management software that will help you to optimize the process of storing and managing your business contacts in a single place. The tool will increase your productivity through successful communications and streamline the processes.

With Pobuca Contact, you can:

  • store and share your contacts and search by organizations, names, job titles, etc
  • Update the contact lists constantly by getting email address signatures or scanning business cards. Also, don’t forget to sync your devices to be updated automatically with the latest added data. 
  • Access the user admin panel and assign your team members with titles such as contributor, editor, etc.
  • Use filters to search for your contacts according to gender, role, or department.
  • Match contact with organizations, create in-app notes, create favorite contacts lists, invite co-workers, set reminders to call, view activity logs, and many more.

Also, Pobuca Connect stores backups on the cloud so that you will never lose your precious data. The tool integrates with PBX so you can sync lists of contacts using LDAP and increase your productivity.

10) Salesmate

Salesmate is another contact management software that helps you turn your contacts into customers. Using Salesmate, you can monitor, prioritize, and analyze every sales opportunity. As you manage your contacts and generate pipelines for your business, you will get better results.

With Salesmate, you can:

  • View every task on a single screen and keep in touch with your contact by answering them at the right time. In addition, you can view clients’ data, from contact history to dashboard activities, in one single place and save time by handling repetitive tasks simultaneously.
  • Set reminders, create new activities, manage sales tasks, view past tasks, etc. 
  • With more than 50 filter options so that you can create tags for each contact.
  • Use built-in calling, Messenger, Google CRM, sequences, sales automation, text messaging, team inbox, and other features to streamline your contact management process.

11)  Bitrix24

Bitrix24’s contact management software is chock-full of features that are beyond your expectations of this kind of tool. First, of course, it has basic features of contact management software, such as a centralized database for prospect and customer contact information.

However, with Bitrix24, you can also:

  • logs and record all phone calls of your reps in one place automatically. It applies to email communications as well; if you sync your email with the tool, the Bitrix24 contact manager will store your entire history of email exchanges. 

If you’re a small business that wants to try a free solution at first while getting extra features that other tools don’t offer, Bitrix24 is a good option for you. If you still think you need more features, you can switch to Bitrix24’s paid plans and accommodate your needs.

12) Capsule

Capsule’s contact management software is here to enhance your leads. It allows you to effortlessly manage all the contact information in a single place. No need to waste your time with spreadsheets and an overwhelming amount of emails; Capsule is here to help you out.

With Capsule, you can:

  • See the whole history of the relationship between you and your customers and prospects, including calls, files, emails, and more. Capsule automatically syncs all information, so all you need to do is open the platform. 
  • Search your emails, texts, contacts easily and quickly, and use full-text search to do an in-depth search in emails and notes. Capsule also ensures that you work with zero effort by providing many features.
  • Get other features like sales analytics, calendar and tasks, customization, sales pipeline management, permissions, and security to work more efficiently. 

13) Nimble

Nimble is another contact management software that provides you with everything you need to manage your contacts, make the best deals, and build better client relationships. Its application called “The Nimble Prospector” allows you to use the platform on any other platform,  including social platforms and web browser apps.

With Nimble you can:

  • View of your contact information and interaction history with your team members. 
  • Send personalized and templated group emails with the help of features such as analytics, reporting, and tracking from personal email.
  • Increase productivity by unifying your team’s events, communications, and tasks in one place automatically to make sure that every deal becomes a success. 
  • Organize the pipeline, appointments, tasks, and social signals on its multifunctional dashboard.

14) Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is another tool for you to track every contact, communication, and customer. Set tasks for customer support teams and increase their productivity with a 360-degree view of all the interactions such as calls, emails, files, and notes.

With Really Simple Systems, you can:

  • Use the advanced search option to find the info you want, such as accounts, opportunities, tasks, and contacts, quickly. 
  • Integrate the tool with your email provider to sync your emails from your contacts.
  • Recognize incoming calls with VoIP telephony integration 
  • Use geo-locations on Google Maps for customer meetings and locate close accounts.

15) Nutshell

Nutshell is a contact management software that allows you to import data from any source so that your team will start working efficiently from day 1. It helps you to view the important up-to-date information of every business and people your team interacts with from your mobile phone or desktop.

With Nutshell, you can:

  • Minimize your effort in manual data entry by syncing phone contacts, collecting leads from the website, scanning business cards, etc. 
  • Browse the entire internet for detailed data, such as job titles, locations, social media accounts, and more when you add a contact.
  • Store all your company’s customer knowledge and data in a single place and allow your team to reach contact details, call notes, and email conversations with customers any time they want. 
  • Use the software’s powerful sales automation tools to streamline your sales process and qualify leads with no hassle.
  • Integrate with applications like Slack and Google Workspace.

Nutshell is created for businesses of every size.

16) Copper

Another contact management that is great for syncing your customers, prospects, and leads is Copper. It integrates with Google Workspace to sync essential information between different platforms. You don’t have to enter data annually anymore; just let the tool do it automatically for you. Also, whenever you update information in Gmail, the tool will update its database as well.

That’s not all. With Copper, you can also:

  • Add new contacts with a single click. 
  • View all the communication history, pipeline details, and other vital information your sales team needs.
  • Save time managing your contacts and focus on your relationships with customers. 

17) Contact Boss

Contact Boss is a contact management software that can lessen the burden on your team members by allowing them to record, organize and search your contacts, and keep in touch with each of them.

With Contact Boss, you can:

  • Create comprehensive reports, search and filter contacts and use security tools to run your business smoothly.
  • Change or add users, lock accounts, view statistics, create contact groups, and change contact types. 
  • Schedule your work and tasks and set reminders.
  • Create emails after capturing contacts at a place, transfer data, let call and visitor logs to track activity, and many more.

With Contact Boss, you can become the boss of contact management with ease.

18) Daylite

Daylite is another contact management software for those who want to keep all the interactions with your vendors, customers, and prospects in a single place. 

With Daylite, you can:

  • Use various filtering options to organize and segment customers and companies to reach the right people at the right time.
  • Manage everything necessary in a single place. 
  • Capture new leads and create follow-up reminders.
  • Store emails.
  • Give access to your team members to access data.
  • Keep track of connections with ease and stay updated with your customer’s data.

19) EngageBay

EngageBay is a great contact management software with sales and CRM integration to manage contacts, deals, and tasks. The tool allows you to connect with customers through various channels and puts all information in one single place, and empowers your sales team to have meaningful communication and engagement with the prospects easily.

With EngageBay, you can:

  • Access to your customer profiles, including the history of interactions, response rates, engagement patterns, contact details, call notes, task history, social presence, and a lot more. 
  • Use integrations like Office 365, Google, and other platforms, to collect information and import the data easily.

20) Contacts+

Contacts+ is a smart contact management software for businesses that value networking. The tool uses multiple sources or accounts to create a personal address book. Since it syncs automatically, you will get up-to-date info across various devices and accounts with no effort.

With Contacts+, you can:

  • Benefit from the automated scan, which will allow you to find the out-of-date information and get rid of it or replace it. Contacts+ also detects duplicate info and merges them.
  • Use the software on Android, Chrome, Web, and Mac. You can manage and access your contacts from anywhere and at any time.
  • Have features for free, such as secure backup and storage, call identification and blocking, granular search, email signature extraction, birthday reminders, tags, notes, etc.

If you want to increase the number of contacts, you can choose a paid plan.

21) Nextiva

The Nextiva is an easy-to-use CRM with a wide range of features, including excellent contact management resources for businesses of any size. All of the plans include Contact management tools, even their most basic subscription.

With Nextiva, you can:

  •  Keep email history, notes, and call logs.
  • Track your customers’ contact information and communication history with no need to do follow-ups. 
  • Have access to a wide array of advanced features, including follow-up automation, surveys, live chat, and analytics.

22) Streak

Streak has contact management tools that you can integrate with your Gmail inbox to work alongside all other Google Workspace applications. Also, the software allows you to keep and share a timeline of contacts, email records, call logs, files, notes, and tasks.

With Streak, you can:

  • Customize your sales pipeline view on the application by searching, filtering, and sorting your contact data and save those customizations in custom views to later share with your view. 
  • Easily integrate it with your Google applications. 

The tool is free for personal use, but there are paid options for enterprise-level businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a contact management system?

Categorize your contacts according to their key characteristics, track your contacts, manage your interactions online, use a dashboard for visualization of relationships and grow relationships with interaction. To streamline the process, you can try using contact management software.

How do I manage my business contacts?

Keep your contact data updated, choose the right contact management software or CRM, store your data in one place to avoid disorder, synch contact data between apps, be careful with your data, and use data wisely.

Who are ZoomInfo competitors?

Some competitors of ZoomInfo are Sales Navigator, Hoovers, Gong, Lead411, InsideView, SalesIntel, and Clearbit.

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